Garena seems restless when it comes to bringing new content and updates to Free Fire. The next OB23 update will be live on global servers very soon and its Advance Server test will be available to download from 15th July 2020. Leaked information on the new additions has already swarmed the Internet. 

free fire ob23 hit advance
The Free Fire OB23 Update will hit the Advance Server first

So far, we have learned that in the next big update, there will be a new character, a pet, and a weapon - a gun to be specific. The official release date of the update has yet to be confirmed, but we can assume that it’s very soon. Read on to prepare yourself for some of the changes. 

Free Fire OB23 Update Leaks

#1 Lucas Character

As spoiled months ago, a new character named Lucas will be coming to Free Fire in the OB23 update. The character’s model is based on a professional Brazilian football player with the same name. He kicked off his Free Fire career after winning the Campeonato Gaúcho at Grêmio.

free fire ob23 lucas
Lucas is a new character based on real-life model

Lucas has a unique ability to increase his maximum HP with each kill and can exceed the 200-limit depending on how many kills you get. 

#2 Pet Penguin

A brand new pet, Penguin, will be coming to the Free Fire OB23 update. So far, we only have the very first glimpses on the pet’s appearance. No information on its ability has been released yet. So, we would have to wait until the update comes live to learn more. 

free fire ob23 penguin
The Penguin is coming!

#3 AUG Gun

The assault rifle AUG will be introduced in the next big update of Free Fire. The trusty gun has appeared in various shooting games before, even PUBG Mobile. And now, it makes its way to the realm of Free Fire. There’s no confirmation of whether it would spawn normally on the island, or be an exclusive item.

Nova Arma Aug  free fire ob23
AUG will be added to the realm of Free Fire