Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile. While other battle royale games only sell skins and outfits to players so everyone is equal in matches, Free Fire doesn't do the same. In Free Fire, they have a big character and pet system, which you will have to pay to get them. There are dozen of different characters in the game, each with their own unique skills that give players different advantages in combats.

How To Get Free Character In Free Fire
Having many strong characters in Free Fire will make the game much for fun to play

Moreover, if you own multiple characters in Free Fire, you can even combine up to 4 skils among your characters to make a skill set in matches. So basically, if you don't have any character in Free Fire then you are at a massive disadvantage before the game even starts. But not all players have the money to always purchase all the latest and hottest characters in Free Fire, thus making the game harder and less enjoyable for them.

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So here, we will show you several ways of how to get free character in Free Fire.

1. How To Get Free Character In Free Fire - Top-up Events

Whenever Garena release a new character to Free Fire, they will often have a top-up event that allows players to get that character for free. A top-up event is an event in Free Fire where players will get rewarded when they buy a certain amount of Diamonds in the game.

how to get free new character in Free Fire
All you had to was to buy 100 Diamonds and you could get Kapella for free

For example, when Kapella was released in April, there was a  top up event for her. All you had to do was top up 100 Diamonds to own Kapella for free. Note that, you don't lose or have to spend your Diamonds to finish the event so you are basically getting the character for free and you can spend your top up Diamonds on something else.

2. How To Get Free Character In Free Fire - New Patch Log-in Events

Whenever there is a new big update or patch. Garena will hold events that give players free characters, both old and new. For example, in the last update, they gave away to all players the new character Wolfrahh for free just by logging in every day. Some other times they also gave away many characters that have been released for a long time in the past. All you have to do is to log in to the game can claim them.

How To Get Free Character In Free Fire
How to get Wolfram character in Free Fire - Wolfrahh was given for free when he came out in the last update

These events are time-limited so if you missed them, you will have to buy the character from the in-game Store with an expensive price of 499 Diamonds. For the latest information about Free Fire and their promotions and events, you can check out the Free Fire section on Gurugamer.

 How To Get Free Character In Free Fire
Free Fire will give away old characters for free when there is a big update or event

3. How To Get Free Character In Free Fire - Earn Free Money From Apps

If the character you want has doesn't available in those events above or you already missed it, there is still a way for you to buy them without spending a dime. In this age of technology, there are tons of ways for you to get some easy money through apps. While the amount is not much, but they should be enough for you to buy a character in Free Fire once in a while.

Here is how to get free character in Free Fire. It is nothing complicated at all.  You only have to do some surveys, watch some ads, and try some games to get the money. Deals vary from offers to offerers and some can get you up to $1 for just completing a survey. You can claim your money in the form of Google Gift Card and then use them to buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

free fire ads diamonds
Free Fire used to allow players to earn gems by watching ads

Free Fire used to allow players to watch ads to get Diamonds in the past, but they have now removed the feature.

Here, we will introduce to you some of the best apps on the market right now for you to get the most money.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that is developed by Google. It will give you surveys from different companies and rewards you with some money when you finish them. The app will offer you surveys based on your interest and activities so it would be better for you to try out new apps and games on Google while using this app to get more offers.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app developed by Google


Instead of surveys, you will have to download new apps and try them out to get money in FeaturePoints. It takes more works, but there are also more rewards using this app.

You have to download and try out apps in FeaturePoints but the rewards are also better

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