Garena Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile. Unlike other battle royale game like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, the games feature a character system and a pet system, both of which players have to buy using Diamonds or other methods. Each character and pet have a unique skill in the battle to give your character certain advantages over other players, making it easier to win the game. So how to unlock pets in Free Fire? Let's check out all the best ways below.

How To Unlock Pet In Free Fire
Pet with unique skill is a special feature that only Free Fire has

How To Unlock Pets In Free Fire Through In-Game Store

The simplest way to get a pet in Free Fire is to buy one from the in-game shop using Diamonds. Different pets have different prizes depending on what they can do. Some pets look better than other and some pets have a skill while others don't. The prize can be from only 100 Diamonds up to few hundreds of Diamonds.

 How To Unlock Pet In Free Fire
You can buy pets in the in-game store using Diamonds

Here is how you can find and buy pets in the in-game Store of Free Fire using Diamonds.

  • In the main lobby of Free Fire, tap on the Store button on the left side of your screen.
  • In the Store, you will find the pet tab on the right side.
  • You will find all the pets that are available in the Store there. Note that not all pets are available in the Store.
  • Pets with better skills will cost more Diamonds while pets with no skill are much cheaper.

How To Unlock Pets In Free Fire Through Special Airdrop

In Free Fire, once in a while, you will be offered a Special Airdrop with items and a pet with a price of only Rs 10. This is a huge bargain for any players. The price is so cheap that it is pretty much free and it would be a waste if you don't take it. However, the Special Airdrop appears randomly in the game so it is impossible to tell when you will have it.

How To Unlock Pet In Free Fire
Get pets in Special Airdrops in Free Fire with a super cheap price

Here are several ways for you to get Special Airdrop more frequently.

  • Clear data and cache of Free Fire: Go to Setting => Applications => Free Fire => Clear Data/ Clear Cache.
  • Only play Classic mode for a month, no Ranked Game, Clash Squad, and you will get more Special Airdrop.
  • Don't buy Diamonds and Membership because Free Fire prioritize people who spend less with this promotion. Also, Special Airdrop will appear with a bigger prize such as Rs 99 or Rs 199 if you spend more.

How To Unlock Pets In Free Fire For Free

While most of the time, you will have to pay some money to get a pet in Free Fire, there are several ways for you to get free pets in Free Fire. Here are the best ways to get pets in Free Fire for free.

Top-up events

This is the most common way to get a free pet in Free Fire. Also, pets in these events are often the latest and the hottest ones.

All you have to do is buy the required amount of Diamonds and you have a free pet. As for the Diamonds you have bought, you can use those Diamonds to buy anything else.

 How To Unlock Pet In Free Fire
How to unlock pet in Free Fire - Just buy Diamonds during top-up events and you will get a free pet

Other types of events

During holidays or other types of celebrations, Free Fire will offer you pets that are no longer hot or have been released for a few months for free or at a very cheap price.

Get free Diamonds through apps

There are a lot of apps on Google Play Store that offers you money when you do their survey, watch their ads, or play their games. You can then use this money to buy Diamonds or offers in Free Fire to obtain a pet for yourself. I recommend you to use the Google Opinion Rewards, which is developed by Google, to do surveys and get money. You can get up to $1 just by finishing a quick survey in this app.

Google opinion rewards
You can easily get free money by doing surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

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Which Pets to Get First?

Not all pets in Free Fire have a skill that will make you stronger in battles and not all pets have a strong skill. So if you are low on budget, you would choose a powerful pet instead of a pet with no skill. These are the 5 best Free Fire pets that you should buy first: Shiba, Robo, Spirit Fox, Detective Panda, Falco.

 How Ot Unlock Pet In Free Fire
How to unlock pet in Free Fire - Not all pets in Free Fire are strong

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