Free Fire is the most popular battle royale game on mobile at the moment. The game differentiates itself from other battle royale games on the market by having a dynamic character system. Each character has their own unique skills that give you different advantages in combats.

Today, we are going to introduce to you Laura character in Free Fire, one of the most favorite characters in Free Fire. Laura is among one of the earlier characters in Free Fire. Laura Character in Free Fire was released on Free Fire in May 2019 in the OB19 update.

How to get Laura character in Free Fire? She is available in the in-game store for a price of 499 Diamonds.

1. Laura Character In Free Fire - Bio

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: May 21

Laura is known to be an outstanding female agent. She has been a talent shooter when she was as young as a kid. Her dream is to bring justice to the world. She is known among the most dangerous criminal lords around to never miss a shot.

 Laura Character In Free Fire
Laura Character In Free Fire was released in May 2019 and she is one of the best characters in Free Fire for new players

Laura was trained by his dad since she was small to become the best shooter in the world. Laura and Rafael were close friends when they were kids. Back then Rafael was bullied a lot by other kids and Laura was the one who protected him. When Rafael moved away, they lost contact with each other. Laura later joined the army. She met and became friends with Ford there.

Rafaelcharacter In Free Fire
Laura and Rafael was childhood friends

She then became a secret agent and was assigned with the mission to investigate a killer called 'Crow'.

2. Laura Character In Free Fire - Skill

Laura's special survival skill is called 'Sharp Shooter'. This skill will increase the accuracy of Laura by a significant amount when she scopes in. This is the reason why she is one of the most favorite characters in Free Fire. Her skill is super helpful for new players and casual players, who haven't been able to control their aim properly. This skill is also great in long-range combats where accuracy is the most important factor.

Laura Character In Free Fire
Laura's skill is called Sharp Shooter, which increase her accuracy while scoped in

You can upgrade her skill up to Level 6 using Memory Fragment and increase her accuracy while scoped in by up to 30%. Here are the details about Free Fire Laura character skills on each level.

  • Sharp Shooter Level 1: Accuracy increased by 10% while scoped in.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 2: Accuracy increased by 14% while scoped in.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 3: Accuracy increased by 18% while scoped in.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 4: Accuracy increased by 22% while scoped in.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 5: Accuracy increased by 26% while scoped in.
  • Sharp Shooter Level 6: Accuracy increased by 30% while scoped in.

3. Laura Character In Free Fire - Tips And Tricks

Laura's skill can reach its full potential in long-range fights since the accuracy while scoped in in close range fights doesn't matter at all. In a Squad, Laura will be playing in the back row as a sniper to help her teammates. When you just landed, try to find weapons with a  scope to make use of her skill. Her power depends a lot on her gears and attachments such as muzzles, grips.

free fire character laura in real life
If you give Laura a good set of gears and skills. this girl will become a nightmare to enemies

Your position in a battle is extremely important to dish out the most damage to enemies. Always let other members scout ahead for you while you stay in the back with your scope on, ready to fight.

Laura Character In Free Fire Skill combination

As the main damage dealer of the team, you would want to combine with skills that will amplify your damage output and stealthiness. The goal is to kill enemies while staying hidden and avoid close-range confrontations.

Yamato's skill Bushido will increase your damage by a lot if you keep your HP low, which is doesn't really matter too much since you are in the backline.

Yamato Character In Free Fire
Yamato allow you to increase your damage output significantly while staying in low health

Moco's skill  Hacker's Eye will let you keep track of your target so they cannot getaway.

Rafael's skill Dead Silent and Wukong's skill Camouflage will let you turn invisible so you can freely destroy enemies without getting spotted.

Wukong Character In Free Fire
Wukong's skill Camouflagev will turn you into a bush to hide your position

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