Your name will be the thing that distinguishes you from other players in Free Fire, just as it does in any game. Free Fire is a massively popular free-to-play Battle Royale title developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. It’s the “Most Popular Vote Game” in 2019 on Google Play Store and rivals PUBG Mobile for the throne in the BR genre. With millions of players and many more to come in the future, how do you stand out from such a crowd? The answer is simple, with a designed stylish name.

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Enjoy one of the most popular BR games there are

Free Fire isn’t all about the synergy of weapon and characters, there are still other ways to impress your fellow players. Namely, having a great name or one that puts a smile on everyone’s face. But it only works if the name’s uniquely beautiful. Something they have seen before won’t do the trick. 

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It costs 390 Diamonds to change your name in Free Fire

This calls for your very own personal experience being taken into consideration to create your nickname. It should scream “YOU” - bringing your uniqueness to the battlefield. Once you have the nickname ready, it’s time to present it in a designed style. There are two websites we listed below that may be helpful to you in the designing process.


When it comes to name generating websites, there’s none more popular than Nickfinder. Here, users can freely choose among a vast collection of designed names or create their own. Just visit the website, enter your name of choice, and let the AI works its magic. From there, sit back and pick the style that suits your eyes. For those who are on the “lazier” side, you can always pick one from the gigantic selections available. 

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Nickfinder is the go-to website for many players

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#2 LingoJam

This is a lesser-known website, but it doesn’t mean that LingoJam holds back on their game. While it doesn’t own a collection that as big as that of Nickfinder, LingoJam boasts a user-friendly interface. It makes the searching and designing process faster and more efficient. You can also choose from its large special effects and symbols arsenal to add to your names. 

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LingoJam is another credible text generator that you can use

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