Free Fire’s 0.15.0 update is finally here, bringing an array of updates to all facets of the game. It was released yesterday, July 9, and is available to be downloaded from the Play Store. Amongst the various exciting updates, the addition of Purgatory Map to Ranked mode is massive – as people usually don’t play unranked much at all. This would revitalize the method of rank pushing, as Purgatory was the better map to do that in the past.

The most iconic landmark of Purgatory

Why was Purgatory removed?

In the past, after the introduction of the desert map Kalahari into Free Fire, the developers decided to drop Purgatory out of the map roster altogether – you can’t even play it on Unranked. However, after a major player backslash afterward, they decided to reverse their decision and add the map back into the game on Unranked mode.

Ffpurgatory En 1
The purgatory map (this is actually the 2nd version after a previous rework)

According to rumors, there were various reasons for Purgatory’s removal back then – people were complaining that grinding ranks on the map is too easy. The other reason for its removal can also be the Kalahari map, as the developers do not want to split the player base out too much.

Garena’s official announcement about the return of Purgatory

Accompanying the changes, Garena Free Fire has posted an official statement of its official Facebook. The general idea is that after they have taken in enough negative feedback from players, they have no choice but to reverse the decision. Today, at 12:30 IST, the map would be back on Rank mode. To ensure the fairness of Rank matches, every rank mode game would take place randomly between all 3 maps.

The announcement was really appreciated

This would definitely be a much welcome change, as the usual ranked matches on Bermuda and Kalahari are getting stale. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire, please check out this post for a guide of the Call Back feature.