Free Fire New Character Joseph – Appearing in Free Fire OB17 update version, Joseph is a new character Garena launched on September 6, 2019. An in the latest update version OB18, Garena Free Fire updated a new feature for this man – an update in his unique ability.

Joseph is known as a gentleman with "Nutty Movement" ability. He is 45 years old. Joseph in Free Fire is a physicist, a billionaire, and a playboy. His specific ability is speeding up when getting damage, even the damage from the electric circle. In OB18, game publishers added new features for this man's ability.

Joseph Character in Free Fire

Overview of Free Fire New Character Joseph

Free Fire Joseph character has the fastest running speed in this game, even faster than Kelly and Caroline. His movement ability is pretty illogical because he runs faster when he gets shot. It's quite strange, but it makes Joseph be a strong man in Free Fire.

When you choose this character to play, you can attack others at a quicker speed when you get hit by bullets. When getting hit, Joseph's speed increases by 10% in level 1, 12% in level 2, 14% in level 3, and up to 20% in level 6. At that time, this man will become more dangerous than usual. Moreover, your enemies will have difficulties in aiming at you thanks to this fantastic movement speed.

This Nutty Movement ability makes Joseph be an excellent choice for reconnaissance duty in squad mode. He can go to scout, collect information, and inform teammates about the enemies' location. Moreover, Joseph is also a dangerous man in a duel with his high running speed. He can approach and kill you in a flash and disappear like a ghost.

Nutty Movement Ability Of Joseph
Nutty Movement Ability Of Joseph

Update in Skill of Joseph in OB18 Version

In the OB17 version, when Garena first introduced this character, Nutty Movement wasn't as strong and crazy as expected. Therefore, in this latest version of OB18, Free Fire developers made some improvement in this skill. They hoped to see a more nutty movement of this character after this change.

Now, Free Fire players can activate this skill of Joseph by touching the sprinting button on the screen. In comparison with the last version, the sprinting button no longer limits the Nutty Movement skill. It means that Joseph is nuttier than ever before.

Nutty Movement In Combats
Nutty Movement In Combats

Tips to Use Free Fire New Character Joseph

With the incredible speed, Joseph is an ideal bait to distract and collect enemies' information in a squad game. In solo mode, Joseph can stick to the white circle and make more kills. It's because, with a little damage from the electric zone, he runs faster than the shrinking speed of the circle.

Recommended Skill Combos

In certain games, you can use one of three recommended skill combo below to uphold the power of the Nutty Movement. 

  • Flash of lighting: Nutty Movement will be nuttier when combined with the Agility of Caroline and Racing of Kelly. This combo will make Joseph move at the speed of light. No one can catch him now.
  • Clear the map: When you combine the Nutty Movement with Bushido of Hayato and Battle Emotion of A124, Joseph will become a dangerous killer.
  • The last survivor: Joseph can be the last man standing on the map when having Armor Specialist of Andrew and Iron Will of Ford. He can evade at a fantastic speed and stay alive with excellent armor.

Moreover, Free Fire's new character Joseph is stronger when teaming up with Olivia and Moco. Healing Touch of Olivia and Eye Hacker of Moco will support the best for the nutty speed of this gentleman.

Best Skill Combo
Best Skill Combo

Recommended Weapons

With Nutty Movement, Joseph can use SMG Ammo and SG Ammo guns like P90, MP40, and SPAS12 for melee combat. Then, you should equip him with SCAR, FAMAS, and AKM. Besides, you need a pet to support you on the battlefield. You should use a panda or a night panther. The panda pet will help you heal a certain amount of HP after killing an enemy. Whereas, the night panther helps increase the storage capacity for you.

How to Get Free Fire New Character Joseph

Garena introduced Joseph in One Diamond Top Up event. It means that you can open this Free Fire nuevo personaje Joseph by purchasing a diamond in the Free Fire shop. But if you couldn't buy him in this even, you get a second choice. You can use 2500 diamonds to buy Joseph and exclusive items and outfits for him.

Unlock Joseph Character In Free Fire
Unlock Joseph Character In Free Fire

Above is everything you should know about the Free Fire new character Joseph. There is some information about the change in his unique ability of the Nutty Movement in the latest OB18 version. To update the latest game news as well as tips and tricks for gamers, visit our website!