Diamond Royale is a lucky wheel in Free Fire where they introduce the latest skins and bundles into the game. The Diamonds Royale will rotate every 20 days with a new set and put the old set away. The sets that are featured in the Diamond Royale are the best-looking set in the game so players are always really excited to see what is coming up next.

Free Fire Diamond Royale
The next Free Fire Diamond Royale will feature the Beast Arm Clone female bundle

Free Fire has just spilled the bean and revealed that the next Diamond Royale will have a new female bundle called the Beast Arm Clone bundle. This bundle is a pair with the Beast Arm Mutant bundle in the last Diamond Royale so might want to get if you also have the last want.

While the Beast Arm Mutant bundle will turn your right arm into a mutant sword, the Beast Arm Clone bundle will turn your right arm into a gun.

Beast Arm Mutant
The Beast Arm Clone is a pair with the Beast Arm Mutant bundle

The Beast Arm Clone Diamond Royale will last for 20 days as usual from November 19 to December 8.

You can use Diamonds or Diamond Vouchers to spin the Diamond Royale if you want to get this bundle. The more you spin the Diamond Royale the better chance you will get the Beast Arm Clone bundle. You will get 100% to get the Beast Arm Clone bundle after 50 spins.

How to get Diamond Voucher in Free Fire

Diamond Voucher are mostly available for players to claim in various events in Free Fire. You can also get Diamond Voucher in Free Fire using Guild Token in the in-game shop.

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