Assault Rifle is the most popular weapon class in Free Fire. However, not all of them are created equal - some are much more well-appreciated than others. In this article, we would make a comparison between the two most popular AR in the game - XM8 and M4A1... to see which one of them is better than the other.


1 - About the XM8


All the other stats of the XM8 are perfectly in the middle of the pack... except for movement speed and accuracy. This is the lightest gun amongst all weapon class in the game except for pistol - with 73 speed, you would be zipping all over the battlefield at a breakneck pace. Holding the XM8 is like having a permanent bonus from Kelly's skin.

Maxresdefault 6

It is also surprisingly accurate - at 58 accuracy, it is the best amongst the automatic rifles and only loses to the semi-auto Woodpecker by a little bit. The XM8 also comes equipped with a 2x scope by default - you would be able to engage in combat right away after picking up the gun.


It can't be equipped with a foregrip, however - the spread of the XM8 is pretty high at long range.

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2 - About the M4A1


The M4A1 has balanced stats... with its exceptionally high range being the main selling point. Amongst all ARs in the game, the M4A1 is probably the most stable at long range. Furthermore, it can be equipped with all attachments - a fully decked M4A1 would be a beast on the battlefield.

Skin M4a1 Scorching Sands


The M4A1 without any attachments is pretty vanilla - the high range does come into play occasionally but is not enough to be a deciding factor. It is weaker than most AR in the game without any attachments.

3 - Verdict

Overall, the XM8 is stronger than the M4A1 in the early and late game, in which middle and short-range combat are common. The M4A1 shines in the mid-game when long-range combat is more prevalent. The XM8 is easier to use, of course, with its pre-attached scope.

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