A gun, despite all of its stats, is pretty straightforward... you press the fire button and it fires. Most Battle Royale shooters are like this... however, Free Fire has some special weapons with extra abilities that others do not have.

It is vital that you know more about this in order to take all the advantage you need to win the game. In this article, we would list everything you need to know about these special weapons.

1 - Heatgun

This is one of the most "futuristic" weapons in Free Fire - it looks vastly different from any modern gun in the game. The Heatgun's special ability is that it does not consume ammo - if players use this gun, they would save some space in their inventory for carrying something else.

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However, the heat gun cannot be modified with any attachments and would overheat after 30 shots, just like a normal weapon... so not many players want to use it.

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2 - M82B

The M82B was released along with the Mr. Waggor Pet, whose ability is to create Gloo Grenades... and it is probably not a coincidence that the M82B has the ability to counter that. The special Sniper Rifle M82B can deal extra damage to Gloo Walls and Vehicles, with a small chance for the bullet to penetrate the Gloo Wall.

Freefire New Sniper Rifle M82b 329c

Overall, it is probably the best Sniper Rifle in the game, even better than the AWM.

3 - Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon's special ability is that it can be equipped on the handgun slot, unlike the usual Grenade Launcher. Its other stats are interchangeable with the grenade launcher and the function is pretty much the same - overall an upgrade.

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The fact that a handgun could shoot grenades is still a mystery - this weapon would be unrealistic normally.

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4 - Treatment Gun

Another special handgun - the treatment gun injects healing nanobots into your teammates and heal them while still able to deal damage to your enemies like a normal handgun could. It is pretty much a fictional gun - no one has been able to create something like that in real life.

Treatment Gun
Treatment Gun In Free Fire

5 - RGS50

The RGS 50 Antimaterial Launcher's special ability is that it is able to lock on to vehicles and deal more damage to them - you won't need to aim using it. It is not part of Free Fire's current roster of weapon, however - it is not sure when the gun would come back.


Overall, the RGS50 is the most powerful launcher in Free Fire, with an ammo capacity of 5.

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