Free Fire is one of the most generous Battle Royale in the market - it constantly showers players in events with great discounts so that they would be able to get all the newest and hottest skins with minimal cost.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new Lucky Flip event in Free Fire.

1 - About Lucky Flip Event

It is the most recent addition to the game... and can be found under the in-game "events" section. The event would last for one week, from today to November 22 - you need to participate now... otherwise, the prizes would be gone forever.

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2 - How To Play the Lucky Flip Event

The costs for the 3 flips are 29, 99 and 399 respectively. As the chance is only 1/3, you might be able to get the prize you want with only 29 Diamonds. The cost for each reset of the prize pool is 19.

Initially, the player would get a page with three prizes displaying on cards in the middle. By shuffling the cards and flip it over, players would be able to get the item. The prize would automatically reset after you have opened all three prizes... or you can manually reset it with diamonds. The first refresh is free, of course.


The trick for this event is doing the 29 diamonds flip repeatedly, spending diamonds on refresh after every flip. You would lose less diamond that way while still have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the prize you want. Duplicate prizes would be converted to FF tokens.

The Prize Pool for Lucky Flip is pretty large - it contains some of the very popular skins like the Clown Car Skin, Skull Hunter AK Box, Pumpkin Monster Car... and more.

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