Apart from common features that you can find in any battle royale games, Free Fire also has a lot of unique ones which makes the game stand out from its rivals. Among special attributes in Free Fire, the incubator is the most interesting one with which players have a chance to win limited gun skins, bundles, and many other hot items.

Recently, Garena Free Fire has spilled the bean on the next incubator: Haunting night in the theme of Halloween. The rewards are 4 different versions of the XM8 gun skins and here are the details of Free Fire Incubator rewards you need to know:

Fiery pumpkin

  • Fire rate ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Reload -

Free Fire

Being the hottest gun skin in the Free Free new incubator Haunting Night, the Firery Pumpkin gun skin looks stargazing in the red hot shade and boosts the fire rate as well as the accuracy of your weapons.

While XM8 has been considered one of the greatest assault rifle guns thanks to the amazing power, stability, and accuracy, having a great skin especially the Firey Pumpkin one will give you a huge advantage in the game. However, it's also the hardest one to obtain as players will need 7 evolution stones and 3 blueprints to claim the reward.

Sinister Pumpkin

  • Penetration ++
  • Range +
  • Speed -

Incubator Haunting Night Xm8 Garena Free Fire 0 23

The sinister pumpkin which comes in the orange shade is also a great gun skin for XM8 as it increases the range and penetration of the assault rifle. This is also a good skin for XM8 and player who have 5 evolution stones and 3 blueprints to claim the reward.

Toxic Pumpkin

  • Range ++
  • Fire rate +
  • Cartridge -

Incubator Haunting Night Xm8 Garena Free Fire 0 28

Meanwhile, the Toxic Pumpkin skin which gives more power to your gun's range and fire rate comes with 5 evolution stones and 2 blueprints.

Poison Pumpkin

  • Cartridge ++
  • Damage +
  • Reload -

Incubator Haunting Night Xm8 Garena Free Fire 0 34

The Poison Pumpkin skin which is decorated in neo purple and green shades can boost the damage and cartridge of the gun. It will cost 3 evolution stones and 1 blueprint for the redemption.

How to earn rewards in Free Fire incubator

To claim rewards in the Free Fire incubator, players will need to earn a number of evolution stones and blueprints. The most common way is to try on your luck in the incubator spin and of cost, you have to buy spins with diamonds. In addition to that, evolution stones can be redeemed in the Elite Pass with 150 badges and the blueprints sometimes can be rewarded in random top-up events.

The Free Fire next incubator Haunting Night will be made available in-game soon and last for two months. Stay tuned with Gurugamer.com for more updates about Free Fire hot news and events!

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