Garena Free Fire has officially revoked PUBG Mobile's throne to become the most popular Battle Royale game in India. Its already bustling community enjoys a massive influx of players as PUBG Mobile was banned in September. However, we must give credit to the publisher - Garena, for its attempts in bringing the game closer to the Indian culture via constant events. And in the spirit of Diwali, Garena has added a brand new one to the title. Let's check out the Free Fire new top up event 2020!

Dasha Party Girl
Acquire the Party Rebel Dasha for FREE

One of the special traits of Free Fire is definitely its character system. The game currently offers 34 playable characters, each owns a powerful unique ability (except for the default characters -  Adam and Eve). When in the right hands, they could easily upturn the tide of the fight! Most of the characters are available in the in-game store. However, whenever a new character comes to Free Fire, they'll first appear as rewards for top-up events. And that is exactly the case of the Dasha top-up event!

What is Free Fire New Top Up Event 2020?

As we mentioned above, whenever a new character comes to Free Fire, they will be available in the top-up events first, then hit the shop. Dasha is no exception. She's the latest addition to the game's roster, adding to a total of 34 playable characters. She's currently up for FREE in the Dasha top-up event.

Top Up Event 2
This beautiful bundle is yours with 300 Diamonds

Dasha has been officially added to Free Fire a few days ago, despite the fact that she was on the early session of the OB24 Advance Server. However, the character is not available in the shop yet. When you hit the obtain button, you'll come across a notice stating: "This item will be available soon!". Hence, the Free Fire new topup event 2020 is the only way to go if you wish to own Dasha ahead of the curve.

Event Duration

The Dasha top-up event has gone online since today, November 18th, and will last for 3 days. In other words, it concludes on November 21st. So, if you really want this character, be sure to take advantage of the new top-up event.

Free Fire Dasha Top Up Event
The event will conclude in 3 days

How to Get Dasha for Free?

The tradition continues as Garena puts a new character up as the reward for topping up Diamonds. In more details, from November 18th to November 21st, players can acquire Dasha after purchasing a specific amount of Diamonds. Other rewards include her Party Girl Bundle as well as a Party Animal Scar skin. More information below.

Free Fire Dasha Top Up
All of these rewards will be yours for 500 Diamonds
  • 100 Diamonds - Acquire Dasha character for FREE
  • 300 Diamonds - Dasha’s Party Girl Bundle
  • 500 Diamonds - Party Animal Scar gun skin

Is the New Top Up Event in Free Fire 2020 Worth It?

From our perspective, the answer is it absolutely worth your investment! When you think about it, for only 500 Diamonds, you can bag all three rewards: the new character Dasha, her bundle, and a Scar skin. You may have to pay 499 Diamonds just for the character alone later in the shop.

On top of that, the rewards are free! You don't have to do anything but topping up Diamonds to get them. It means that you get to keep the Diamonds for other usages while obtaining valuable rewards. There are on-going events in the game that these 500 Diamonds may come in handy. For example, the Diwali Wish! Basic wishes are now at a 53% discount and Premium wishes are at just half of the original price.

Top Up Event 1
Don't miss the chance to get Dasha for free

How to Get Dasha from the New Top-up Event?

To claim Dasha from the event, all you have to do is topping up 100 Diamonds. You will receive the character right after the purchase. Buy 200 Diamonds more and you will get her Party Girl Bundle. Adding 200 more to the equation, and you'll bag the Party Animal Scar skin. After purchasing the required Diamond milestones, follow the steps below to claim the rewards:

Diwali Wish Event
Don't forget to check out the discounts on the Diwali Wish event
  • #1: Visit the Events section by clicking the icon on the main screen.
  • #2: Choose the 'Dasha top-up' event.
  • #3: Click the Claim button and obtain your rewards.

Dasha Character in Garena Free Fire

As we have mentioned above, Dasha is the latest character in the Garena Free Fire roster. She's a party enthusiast who brings the rebel spirit to the battlefield. Dasha owns a passive ability called Partying On with various effects:

  • Fall damage reduces by 30% - 50%
  • Recover time from falls reduces by 60% - 80%
  • Recoil buildup rate reduces by 6% - 10%
  • Maximum recoil decreases by 6% - 10%
Ff Dasha Skill
Keep on partying!

That concludes our guide on the Free Fire new top up event 2020! Are you a party rebel yourself? Then do not miss the chance to get Dasha and her bundle for FREE. Purchasing only 500 Diamonds and all the rewards will be yours to take. Then, spend those Diamonds on other items or the on-going events. For more information, tips, and tricks on Garena Free Fire, visit our website at