Garena Free Fire offers a plethora of selections regarding playable characters for you to choose from. All of them, except Adam and Eve, have special abilities that significantly aid players on the battleground.

Hayato Vs Alok Cover
Who would win? DJ Alok vs Hayato

There are currently more than 30 characters in Free Fire's roster with Adam and Eve are the default ones.  As for the others, you can buy them directly from the store or complete certain events to get. However, we still have more favorable picks in the game, namely DJ Alok and Hayato. Let's take some time to compare their abilities!

Special Abilities of DJ Alok and Hayato Firebrand in Garena Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok's unique active ability is Drop The Beat.  It creates a 5m aura that increases the ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 health points per second for 5 seconds. This ability can be upgraded to a maximum of 6 levels with character level up cards. At the max level, the movement speed boost increases to 15%, and HP restoration duration increases to 10 seconds.

Hayato Vs Alok 2
DJ Alok's unique ability provides substantial healing and speed boost

Hayato Firebrand

Hayato Firebrand is the Awakened version of Hayato. After the awakening, he now owns an active ability - the Art of Blades. It reduces frontal damage by 20% for 3 seconds and takes 50 seconds to cool down.

Hayato Vs Alok 3
Hayato can block damage and move forwards!

Compare DJ Alok and Hayato Firebrand

Both characters own very powerful abilities, making them two of the fans' favorite picks. After awakening, Hayato's passive ability - Bushido is replaced with a new one. You can now activate his ability depending on the situation, making it more effective. However, the difference in its strategic use isn't staggering. Hayato's ability focuses more on a defensive and passive gameplay strategy.

Hayato Vs Alok 5
DJ Alok is more versatile

On the other hand, DJ Alok is really versatile when it comes to playstyle. He can fit most players, which is the key to his success. Whether you're an aggressive or a passive player, Drop the Beat still offers a sufficient source of HP and movement speed buff throughout the game.