Garena released the latest Free Fire update a few weeks ago, where among the new character Kapella and other fun features was a new mascot for the game: Ottero. However, we have had to wait until now to get it and put it into action.

Ottero has a special ability, which allows Survivors to recover or gain Energy Points, at a certain percentage, each time they use a Treatment Gun or the Med Kit to recover Hit Points. The EP amount that can be recovered will be 35 percent of the HP recovered. At higher levels. Ottero can help the Survirors recover EPs at a rate of 50% and even up to 100% of HPs regained.

It is a good complement to the ability of Kapella, the latest character released in Free Fire, which improves the effects of items and abilities that recover Hit Points and, on the other hand, reduces the loss of Hit Points of allies and of the character herself.

Ottero is already available in the Free Fire Store for 299 diamonds, and is 40% off its launch compared to other pets, making it a great opportunity to get hold of it.

How to get Ottero on Free Fire for free?

Free Fire has a Top Up Event, in which players can get Ottero for free when they top up with 100 diamonds. Topping up with 300 diamonds will give you the Show Off advanced action that can be used in the command wheel. Players can also unlock the Sakura pet skin for a hefty 1000 diamonds.

free fire ottero top up event
Top up with some diamonds and get Ottero for free!

In addition to the prizes you can earn from Top Up, the Petstore also features the Celebrate and Play actions and Radioactive skin for the new pet Ottero.

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