The OB23 Update of Free Fire is set for global release on August 3rd, 2020, promising to bring a whole plethora of new features to the game. We are so hyped about the big update with a new character “Luqueta”, a new pet penguin “Mr. Waggor”, and the new AUG assault rifle. But more on those later, today, we want to focus on the next Elite character in Free Fire, Hayato “Firebrand”. 

Elite Hayato free fire ob23
The OB23 will soon come to Free Fire on global servers

Elite Hayato is also coming to the game in the next OB23 Update, who is also known as Hayato “Firebrand”. It seems like our Elite Kelly will soon have herself a new friend. Let’s check out the preview of Hayato’s ability and details. 

Special Ability

Just like any other character in the game, Elite Hayato also brings his unique skill called “Art of Blades”. This special ability reduces any damage that he takes from upfront. At level one, it blocks out 35% of the total damage for 6 seconds with a 50 second cooldown time. Entering a fight or firing any weapon will interrupt the ability. 

Elite Hayato free fire special
Hayato's Art of Blades special ability

This seems to be a great ability for early combats as Hayato will negate a pretty huge chunk of damage. But if you can sneak out to attack him from the back or when the skill is cooling down, he still takes the full blast.  And remember, once you fire, Elite Hayato is vulnerable - or else, his skillset would be over-powering. 

Elite Hayato free fire old
So long the old Hayato!

So in theory, you use this special ability to block some of the damage when attacked suddenly or ambushed. The 6-second duration is enough for you to take cover, heal, and fight back. Also, his skill is going to be an Active Skill similar to DJ Alok.

To access Elite Hayato’s ability, there’s a button that will appear on your screen as soon as it’s ready. Players can also use the Active Skill Swap feature of Free Fire to switch to others’ abilities. As expected, Elite Hayato is coming with an exclusive “Hayato’s Firebrand Set”.