The Free Fire OB27 Advance Server is now live for players to have a taste of what to come in the upcoming update. For those who do not have the time or fail to join the test server, we have compiled here a list of all the new features.

Ob 27 New Features
Here's what you need to know

Check out the new updates in the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server.

What's New in Free Fire OB27 Advance Server?

All of the changes and additions on the Advance Server will come to the official live server of Free Fire. However, they may come in different orders.

Ability Balancing and UI Update

Garena announced in the Bermuda Banter that they would change the whole Character System UI in the upcoming update. The OB27 Advance Server also sees massive balancing attempts regarding character skills.

Ob 27 New Features Wukong
Wukong receives a CD buff

Two of the most prominent changes are the abilities of Chrono and Wukong. After being overpowered in the game, Chrono's Time Turner receives a cooldown nerf. On the other hand, Wukong’s cooldown time has been reduced.

Merge Normal and Awakened Abilities

Characters with both normal and awakened forms now have their abilities merged. They will take only one slot. Free Fire has posted about this new feature on a social media handle, meaning it's coming to the game soon.



The Free Fire OB27 Advance Server welcomes a new weapon - Kord. This gun has a large magazine capacity, but fires slowly. And it seems to be a new DMR or sniper rifle. The Kord is expected to go online in the next update.

Ob 27 New Features Kord
A new gun is coming

Akimbo USP

We also have the second Akimbo weapon in the OB27 Advance Server. It is available in Battle Royale mode only.

Ob 27 New Features Akimbo Usp
Akimbo USP

Scythe and Flamethrower

A new melee weapon - Scythe has been added to the Clash Squad mode. Meanwhile, in the classic mode, we have the Flamethrower.


The Free Fire OB27 Advance Server features three new characters: Awakened Andrew, Xayne, and a mystery one.

Awakened Andrew

This new version of Andrew has a passive ability called Wolf Pack. Each member of the squad will be a wolf. It reduces armor damage by 8% with an additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate.

Ob 27 New Features Awakened Andrew
Awakened Andrew

And since Garena merges the abilities of normal and awakened forms, Andrew also decreases vest durability loss by 2%.


This new character has an active ability - Xtreme Encounter. It gives 100 HP temporarily and increases damage to Gloo Walls and shields by 50% for 8 seconds. At a 150 second cooldown, Xayne's ability makes her ideal for aggressive players.

Ob 27 New Features Xayne

Mystery Character

A mystery character also appears on the OB27 Advance Sever. He owns a passive ability called Falcon Fervor. It increases the character damage based on the distance, up to 5%. Looks like we have a new sniper elite!

Ob 27 New Features Mystery Character
Mystery Character

New Pet – Moony

A new pet named Moony is available on the test server. It reduces damage by 20% when the owner is channeling an interaction (e.g., using Med Kits, repairing, etc.)

Ob 27 New Features Pet Moony

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