Free Fire Recharge Diamond – Free Fire is an attractive action-adventure mobile game with a great number of registered users. Since its release on December 4, 2017, this game has attracted over 450 million users thanks to its fascinating gameplay. Coins and diamonds are two major currencies in the Free Fire world. This article is going to guide you on how to top up Free Fire diamonds.

Diamond in Free Fire

Diamond and gold are two major means of exchange in Free Fire. To unlock characters, purchase bundles, skins, items, or play lucky spins, you need diamonds. This currency is also used in upgrading characters or weapons. Therefore, if you want to make your in-game character stronger, you need to spend diamonds.

When you have used up your gold and diamond, you need to recharge them to continue shopping in Garena Free Fire. The most common way to recharge diamond in Garena Free Fire is purchasing it with real cash. Besides, Free Fire players in different countries have their unique channels and means to recharge diamond and gold.

You Need Diamonds For Buying Items In Free Fire
You Need Diamonds For Shopping In Free Fire

Free Fire Recharge Diamond In Coda Shop

The very first and most popular way for the diamond top-up in Free Fire is purchasing. When you buy or unlock a character or item but you don’t have enough diamond, you will see a notification. The system then takes you to the diamond shop. Each diamond bundle cost you a different sum of real cash. As usual, the more diamond you buy, the bigger discount you get. For example, 100 diamonds in Free Fire shop cost you Rs80 while 520 diamonds cost Rs400. It means you get 20 gratis diamonds.

To recharge diamond in Garena Free Fire by Paytm, users need to access to coda shop. Here’s how to recharge diamond Free Fire tunisie on Paytm:

  • Open Garena Free Fire app on your smartphone.
  • Go to your account menu in the left corner of the screen. Touch the Copy button right after the ID to copy your ID code. Then, the system informs that you copy successfully.
  • Switch to internet explorer in your smartphone.
  • Access to Free Fire Recharge Diamond website:
  • In the Enter ID box, paste your ID code.
  • Then, select the diamond bundle you want to buy. There are eight bundles for you to select, ranging from 25 diamonds to 5600 diamonds.
  • Select the payment method of the Free Fire recharge paytm. You also see the price of the diamond bundle you have chosen on your right.
  • Press the Buy Now button and wait. Then, press Continue to complete the purchasing process.

Buy Diamond On Paytm 47e7_wm
Buy Diamond On Paytm

Free Fire Recharge Diamond In Google Play

On some special occasions or events, you can recharge the Free Fire diamond for gratis. But most of the time, it costs money. When you go to the Garena Free Fire shop, in the diamond top-up menu, you also choose one diamond bundle to buy. Then, the system will directly lead you to the Google Play purchasing center. You choose 1-Tap Buy and wait for Google Play to process. The system will take the money from your mobile account. Therefore, before buying diamonds, you need to recharge your mobile account.

One tip to recharge diamond free fire gratuit is receiving money buy answering surveys on Google Opinion Reward. You can use this sum of money to pay for diamond bundles.

Besides, many users use hack tools to get unlimited diamonds and gold. However, if you choose to use this way, you take the risk of getting banned when the hack system detects your cheat.

Diamond Top Up Bonus Event
Diamond Top Up Bonus Event

These are some ways for the Free Fire recharge diamond. Coda shop and Google Play are the two most reliable and popular diamond recharging centers for Free Fire players. To update the latest game news as well as useful tips and tricks for gamers, visit our website!