Garena Free Fire won the "Mobile Game of the Year" title in the eSports Awards 2020. That speaks volumes about its insane popularity in the mobile gaming world. First introduced in 2017, Free Fire sets out to change the classic BR genre with new and exciting features. The game also features a gigantic collection of aesthetic items, i.e character bundles, weapon skins, and more... To keep players interested, Garen often releases sets of gift codes to the community. But, do you really know everything there is about Free Fire Redeem Code Official Website?

Free Fire Wukong
Redeem codes are a great way to earn free rewards in Free Fire

If you are a Free Fire player yourself, you need no introduction to the game's crazy collection of aesthetic items. They greatly enhance the appearance of the characters, weapons, as well as add some fun animations to the battleground. Unfortunately, most of the items on the list will set you back some Diamonds in the in-game store or events. However, by using redeem codes, you can get both the aesthetics and consumables for free. That's where the Free Fire Reward Redemption Site comes into play.

What are Free Fire Redeem Codes?

As we have mentioned earlier, Free Fire redeem codes are gift codes that Garena gives you to the community. They consist of 12 characters, both numeric and alphabetical. The codes are generated randomly so that none can replicate others and prevent intervention from third-parties. Players can exchange the codes on the  Free Fire Redeem Code Official Website to claim all kinds of rewards.

Free Fire Wallpaper 1440
Only Garena can issue redeem codes

One thing you should definitely notice is that only Garena has the authority to issue redeem codes. Also, legit codes only have 12 characters. It means any code that fails to meet one of these two requirements is fake. There are apps and individuals who self-claim to be the original distributors of gift codes. Be smart and steer clear of them.

Where is  Free Fire Redeem Code Official Website?

There is one and only one Free Fire Reward Redemption Site. It's the official website run by Garena itself. Players can access it from mobile devices or PC. You can find the official Free Fire Reward Redemption Site at the following link:

Free Fire Redeem Code Site
The official website looks like this

How to Redeem Gift Codes on Free Fire Reward Redemption Site?

During certain events or local holidays, Garena will give out some redeem codes to the community. If you have one, follow the steps below to claim your rewards:

Free Fire rewards redemption site
Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site
  • Step 2: In the middle of the screen, you should find four log-in options, including Facebook, Google, Viking, or Huawei. Log in to the account you wish the rewards to be sent to.
  • Step 3: After logging in, there will be three white tabs on the Redemption Site. Each of these vacancies holds 4 characters. Enter your redeem code here.
Place the redeem codes
Enter your redeem code here
  • Step 4: Click the "Confirm" Button
  • Step 5: If the redeem code is valid, a pop-up menu will appear to congratulate you.
    Claim the reward in the Mailbox (Image via PrashantYT)
    Claim your reward in the Mailbox
  • Step 6: Open Free Fire and check the mailbox for your reward.

Common Mistakes on Free Fire Reward Redemption Site

When using the Garena Free Fire official website redeem code service, players tend to make the following mistakes:

  1. Enter the wrong number of characters: Each redemption code has exactly 12 characters, including capital letters and numbers. Any code with more or fewer characters will not be accepted. So make sure that you put in the correct number of digits. Each tab should contain 4 of them.
  2. Not check the account's wallet: After successfully redeem the codes, the rewards will be sent to the mailbox. However, Golds or Diamonds will be added directly to your wallet. Remember to keep track of it.
  3. Use expired redeem codes: Redeem codes have expiration dates. Make sure that you don't you outdated ones or codes which reached their limits.
  4. Not bind the account: Players can not redeem rewards using guest accounts. Remember to bind your account to Facebook or VK first to use the service.
Free Fire Wallpaper 4k
Stay updated to get the latest redeem codes from Free Fire

That's everything you may or may not know about the Free Fire Redeem Code Official Website as of December 2020. If you're looking for a way to obtain items for free, using redeem codes is the best way to go. However, these gift codes do not come by very often. Players must stay updated on the game's official social media channels to get the latest news. For more guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at