Spine Punk is the latest event in Free Fire with a futuristic theme. Players will get free emotes, skins, and more rewards in the new Punk Squad event game mode. Now let's dive in and see all the detail about this event.

This event consists of several event events that follow each other until May 25.

Let’s Punk Skull Exchange

This event is on the go right now and it will last until May 18.

Let’s Punk Skull Exchange event

During matches, there will be airships that fly all over the maps giving Punk Skulls. By collecting these Punk Skulls, you can exchange them for the Punkster profile pic, the Violet Terror weapon skin, the Neon Ridges costume set, and the Spikey Spine loot crate.

Punk Squad Event

This event is on the go right now and it will last until May 24.

Garena Free Fire Ios Artwork Spinepunk Guide

You can pick a team among 3 teams Orange, Blue, or Purple Punk. You will then have daily missions in the game, which when completed will give you Purple Cell Tokens. These tokens can unlock grids on the Punk Mission board. For each row, the column you finished, you will receive a prize accordingly, including Street Dominance Parachute and Punkster Surfboard.

Free Fire Purple Cell Event 2 1024x576
Finish the board using Purple Cell energy to get rewards

New Mode: Gun King

The mode will start from May 17 to May 24.

there will be a new mode in Free Firee called Gun King. In this mode, you will spawn with a random gun. Whenever you get a kill, your weapon will be switched to another one. The more kill you have, the worse weapon you will get to increase the difficulty. Whoever circles through all the weapons first win.

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