The collaboration of Free Fire x Money Heist has just started yesterday and players are eager to see what exciting events Garena going to bring to the game. The collaboration will fill the whole of September with events for players to claim rewards.

Summer Holiday Heist, A Free Fire x Money Heist Mini-Movie

Moreover, Free Fire also just revealed that there is going to be a mini live-action movie called Summer Holiday Heist coming. You can check out the trailer of it in the video below.

From the trailer, we can see that the movie talks about a group of teenagers who are preparing for a big heist. They are led by a man called The Professor, who plans the heist. So in order to make sure they are ready for the big game, all of them join a battle royale game and fight each other to sharpen their skill.

Summer Holiday Heist Free Fire X Money Heist Mini

Just like in Free Fire, they will start out on a big battlefield to pick up weapons and start hunting for each other. There are going to be a lot of shooting, and reference to Free Fire such as finishing a knocked player.

Summer Holiday Heist Free Fire X Money Heist Mini

The release date of the movie is not yet to be revealed. We will update further information about this movie as long as they are available.

Not only Indian players but Indonesian players are going to have their own Free Fire x Money Heist version with a video of how Moco, Hayato, Kelly, and Jota robbed the bank. The action is absolutely intensive as they have to fight against Andrew and his team to get out. They escaped in the end on an air balloon and spread the stolen to everyone on the street.

From this example, we can totally expect that the upcoming Free Fire x Money Heist Mini-Movie For India movie is going to be super hot with great quality.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Story Animation movie

Note that the Summer Holiday Heist is a totally different movie than the Plan Bermuda Story Animation movie that Free Fire teased to us before. In this animated movie, we will get to see many fan-favorite Free Fire characters such as Moco, Hayato, Kelly,... to break into the Free Fire bank in Bermuda and steal their money.

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