The latest Jai character based on the famous Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan was released in Free Fire recently and all players are excited to add him to their collection.

Knowing this, Free Fire has brought to all players a new event where you can get Jai to character for free. Here in this article, we will show you how this event work and how can you get the new Jai character for free.

How to get Hrithik Roshan’s Jai character for free

This event is called Be The Hero and it lasts from September 10 to September 13.

Win Jai Character More For Free Be The Hero With H
Complete the puzzle by collecting all 12 pieces to get Jai for free

In this event, you will have to solve a puzzle with 12 pieces. You will get the Jai character when you finish the puzzle by collecting all the pieces.

Here are how you can collect pieces in the event:

  • Log in Free Fire daily from September 10 to September 13 to get 1 piece each day.
  • Log in Free Fire on September 13 will give you 4 pieces.
  • Share the event on Facebook and you can get 1 piece every day if 3 Free Fire players click on your link and log in Free Fire.
Win Jai Character More For Free Be The Hero With H
Share your link to get 1 piece everyday

In total, you can get 8 pieces just by logging in during the event. So that means you need to get 4 more pieces by sharing your link to the event. This shouldn't be too hard if you have Free Fire friends to click on each other links. You can also just create 3 Facebook accounts link with Free Fire to do that by yourself.

If you haven't collected enough by September 13 yet, don't worry. You can buy extra puzzle pieces from September 13-17 to claim the Jai character.

Get Jai’s Justice Fighter Bundle for free

From September 5 to September 15, you can collect Golden Magazine tokens in Free Fire by completing daily tasks. Collect as many Golden Magazine tokens as possible so you can claim Jai’s Justice Fighter Bundle for free from September 13 to September 15.

Free Fire Event
Here is the full calendar of the event for you to get Jai and his skin bundle

Also, just by logging in Free Fire on September 13, you can claim 5 Golden Magazine tokens and the Ak47 Justice Fighter skin.

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