If the Solo Ranked mode in Free Fire is where you train your skill then the Duo Ranked Mode is where you learn how to be a teammate. It will be significantly harder than the Solo Mode but it will be much more fun to play with your friend.

But losing every match with your friend is not very fun at all. So here, we are going to give you 5 super helpful tips to use in the Dou Ranked Mode in Free Fire.

1. Choose and master 1 landing spot

If you land on a different location every time, it will be really hard for you to get to know the map and all the concern in it. You will end up running around in the dangerous and become easy prey for other teams. Instead, pick a location and always land there until you know every corner of it before landing on another location.

2. Use the coordinates

If you see a team or an enemy or anything that you want to inform your teammate, always use the coordinates. You can see the coordinate number on the top bar of your screen. This way you will be able to pinpoint the direction of whatever you want them to know instead of saying vague words like "on the right", " on the left".

How To Master Duo Ranked Mode In Free Fire Free Fi
These numbers will give your teammate a better understanding

3. Use Treatment gun

While the Treatment gun is worthless in the Solo Ranked Mode because it has no damage at all, it is quite useful in the Dou Ranked Mode. You can use the Treatment Gun to shoot at your teammate and heal them for 20 health per shot. It only has 25 bullets so don't miss your shots.

4. Revive and use First Aid Kit at the same time

I bet most players don't know about this trick but it will save your team a lot of time. and get you out of many dire situations. You can use the First Aid Kit and Revive your teammate at the same time. This trick is super helpful when you need to revive your teammate in the Blue zone or during the heat of a fight.

How To Master Duo Ranked Mode In Free Fire Free Fi
You can save your teammate and yourself at the same time

5. Communicate

Always remember to communicate frequently with your teammate in the Duo Ranked Mode so you can look out for each other. Just by doing this and you will have a massive advantage over many other teams.

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