The Free Fire Money Heist Event is about to begin in Free Fire tomorrow but the dev has decided to start early with the first event called ‘The Heist Sidekick’. Players who open Free Fire will have a small update of 15 MB and the login screen of the game will change into the Money Heist theme.

Money Heist
Free Fire has previously announced a collaboration with the famous Netflix series Money Heist

The ‘The Heist Sidekick’ starts from September 4 to September 10. In this event, you will have to spend Diamonds to spin a wheel. The Grand Prize will be the Heist sidekick Bundle. There are also notable prize such as 100 Diamonds, Diamond Royale Voucher, or Celestial Street EP Badge.

New The Heist Sidekick Event In Free Fire Free Fir
You will have a chance to get the Grand Prize will be the Heist sidekick Bundle

Each Normal Spin will cost 10 Diamonds. You can also spend 100 Diamonds and make 10 Normal Spin at a time. There is another option called Special Spin where you can spend 40 Diamonds and get triple the chance to get the Grand Prize.

New The Heist Sidekick Event In Free Fire Free Fir
The first event of the Money Heist collaboration in Free Fire has started

Here are all to prizes that are available in the ‘The Heist Sidekick’.

  • Scan
  • Executor P90 Box
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Gold Royale Voucher
  • Shiba Box
  • Diamond (x100)
  • Monster Gun Box
  • Pet Food
  • Celestial Street EP Badge
  • The Heist sidekick Bundle

Other than that you will also earn extra rewards when you reach certain milestones.

  • 10 Spins: Funflair Hare (Bottom)
  • 20 Spins: Funflair Hare (Top)
  • 30 Spins: Cube Fragment (x3)

This is only just the beginning and we can expect to see a lot more events in this collaboration and maybe even a whole new Money Heist game mode.

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