For open-world game players, the revive kit is one of the most crucial tools as it not only can save lives but also decide the fate of the team. If you are still vague about the revive kit, here is a complete guide of how to utilize the latest item in Free Fire revive kit at the right time.

Free Fire Revive Kit
using review kit in the right time will give you one more chance in the battle

1. When you're protected by your team

Given you are knocked in the middle of a match, the first thing you need to do is summon your team members. By that, you decrease the possibility of being attacked by enemies as your friends are there to protect you. Now they have secured your safety, be ready to use the revive kit.

Even when you don't need to count on other members for reviving, keep in mind that you can also use this under their protection. Getting knocked or losing too much blood can get us killed, so remember that caution is never superfluous. Especially when you are in your enemy's zone, they definitely will find a way to impede your using a revive kit.

Free Fire Revive Kit
please make sure that you're safe from enemies while using the revive kit

2. When your enemies are away

If the enemy succeeds in knocking you down, find your friends immediately. This is the perfect time to use reviving items. When the enemy abandons that zone and doesn’t see you, you can use it to revive yourself without any obstacles.

As your enemy has no idea of whether you have the revive kit or not, try to take advantage of the situation when they look for your friends and revive yourself as quickly as possible. After you regain your energy, go to your friends’ location and help them.

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Free Fire Revive Kit
There would be some tactics if you want to make use of the revive kit

3. When your enemies are getting distracted

It’s necessary to be aware of the fact that even with the revive kit, your life can’t be guaranteed. Many players didn’t even have the chance to use the revive kit as the enemy killed them instantly. Therefore, there would be some tactics needed in order for you to use the revive kit. One of those is getting the enemy distracted by your friends.

Once the enemy loses focus on you, try to use the revive kit straightaway. When you are back on your feet, you will be able to defeat that enemy.

Free Fire Best Settings 4dd8

4. When you find a safe place

The last but not least, if you are lucky enough to encounter an enemy who doesn’t have much interest in you, look for a place to hide first. As the enemy leaves, you are now safe to use the revive kit.

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