Finally, Free Fire's 3rd anniversary month is over. The soon-to-be 1st fan-favorite battle royale game in India has hit September and along with it, a completely new event roster. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the game's upcoming roster of events this September.

1 - Hacker Store (Sept 2 to Sept 8)

Hacker Store and the Dragon Gloo Wall

In this "hacker store" event, players would get the chance to buy martial arts themed costumes along with the new Gloo Wall skin named "Dragon Skin".

2 - September Booyah Event (Sept 2 to Sept 30)

Booyah challenge for this month

Similar to other Booyah events that were held before, players would have the chance to win rewards if they get the appropriate number of Booyah! every week. The timeframe for the event is super generous, enough for players to get most of the prizes or even everything.

3 - Chocolate Day Event (Sept 3 to Sept 9)

In this event, players would collect chocolate cake tokens through various quests like defeating enemies, finishing matches... and more. They can then exchange the tokens for various rewards. This event is to celebrate International Chocolate Day.

4 - Free Fire x Money Heist

Be A Part Of The Resistance + Plan Bermuda Kunoichi Diamond Royale (Sept 6 to Sept 12)

Free Fire X Money Heist would be the biggest event this month

This is the main event for this month - the collab between Free Fire and Money Heist, a popular Netflix show in South America. Players would be able to acquire Free Fire x Money Heist Special Jumpsuit in the new Diamond Royale.

The Battle Royale mode would get a new twist - players are now able to plan for the heist while doing it. They would be given the Money Heist Jumpsuit and for each match played while wearing the suit, event points or "pay from the professor" would be gained. With these points, players would be able to unlock various rewards, with the final one being the Free Fire x Money Heist parachute.

Plan Bermuda Shinobi Faded Wheel (Sept 7 to Sept 20)

A special event based "faded wheel", in which players are able to choose between a small number of items.

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