Free Fire season 26 with the ‘Rampage II: Uprising’ theme has come a few weeks ago. But the Elite Pass rewards of the next season have been leaked. According to the leaks, Free Fire Elite Pass season 17 will start on August 1st, 2020. The pre-order will be available 3 days before that. Check out some leaked rewards of Free Fire season 27 here and start to save diamonds to purchase the Elite Pass now.

Elite Pass Rewards Of Free Fire Season 27 Were Leaked

The upcoming season will bring players a lot of stunning and amazing rewards. There are two types of Free Fire Pass, including the Free Pass and Elite Pass. The Free Pass in Free Fire does not cost you diamonds but it brings you less exclusive rewards. In contrast, the Elite Pass costs you a lot of diamonds and brings you a lot of attractive rewards. Here is the list of Elite Pass rewards for the next season.

Theme Of Free Fire Season 27 Leaked
The Theme Of Free Fire Season 27 Was Leaked
  • Normal Jacket: After purchasing the Elite Pass
  • Katana Weapon Skin: 10 badges
  • Sports Car Skin: 15 badges
  • Elite Pass Female Bundle: 50 badges
Elite Pass Female Bundle
Elite Pass Female Bundle
  • M1873 Themed Skin (with no special attribution): 80 badges
  • Grenade Themed Skin: 125 badges
  • Loot Crate Skin: 150 badges
  • Surfboard Themed Skin: 165 badges
M1873 Themed Skin
M1873 Themed Skin
  • Backpack Themed Skin: 200 badges
  • Elite Pass Male Bundle: 225 badges
Elite Pass Male Bundle
Elite Pass Male Bundle

The theme of Free Fire season 27 is inspired by the traditional culinary culture of Japan. The Elite Pass bundles of male and female characters are Japanese traditional costume. The theme of these bundles is Ramen Exterminator.

Free Pass Rewards Of Free Fire Season 27

  • Themed Jacket: 40 badges
  • T-Shirt: 110 badges
  • Backpack skin: 200 badges.

After buying the Elite Pass, you can get all the rewards in the Elite Pass and Free Pass. The badges are also available to buy in the Free Fire shop.