Free Fire secret weapon can be an assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, or melee weapon as long as it helps you get Booyah. Free Fire offers players a lot of guns in various weapon genres. Moreover, the Free Fire team also keeps updating and introducing new weapons in new updates and Elite passes. Check out the top 10 secret guns with the highest damage and other Free Fire game weapons details in this game with You sometimes underestimate some of them.

1. Dragunov or SVD

SVD is the only AR gun in this list of top Free Fire weapons with the highest damage. This Free Fire secret weapon produces great damage of 89. This gun comes with a pre-attached 4x scope. So, you can use this gun for both medium and long-range combat. Moreover, the Dragunov is also a powerful weapon with a high firing rate and great armor penetration. You can use this flexible gun in close-quarter combat or long-range engagements as a sniper rifle.

Dragunov Is Very Powerful
Dragunov Is A Very Powerful Assault Rifle In Free Fire Which Can Also Be Used As A Sniper Rifle

2. Crossbow

The next powerful weapon with high damage is the crossbow with decent damage of 90. It’s also the only melee weapon in this list of strongest Free Fire guns. However, a lot of players underestimate this melee weapon because of low magazine capacity and armor penetration. The damage drops significantly in medium-range combat. Besides, you cannot shoot and get a kill with a crossbow in long-range engagements. But pro players always know how to use this silent melee weapon to cause great damage to the enemies and make them bleed to death.

3. AWM

With significant damage of 90, AWM is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in this list. Moreover, this Free Fire secret weapon has a great effective range. That’s why it’s always the favorite choice of pro snipers in this game. However, it has a pretty low reload speed of 34, making it hard to take another shot quickly. Therefore, many players sometimes miss the chance to confirm the kill and let the enemies be revived. This sniper gun has a pre-equipped 8x scoped.

Awm Comes With An 8x Scope
AWM In Free Fire Comes With An 8x Scope

4. Kar98k

Kar98k is another powerful sniper gun that produces the same damage per shot as the AWM. But the effective range of Kar98k is shorter than AWM. However, many Free Fire players still prefer this gun over the AWM due to its higher reload speed. It lets them make another quick shot to cause more damage to the enemy before he can heal or be revived. Moreover, the Free Fire team also launched a lot of stunning skins for this gun. Free Fire best weapon skin of Kar98k must be Ice Blue.

Kar98k Has Better Reload Time Than The Awm
Kar98k Has a Better Reload Time Than AWM

5. MGL140

The grenade launcher MGL140 produce great damage of 90. Moreover, this weapon has a high reload speed of 76, allowing you to make consecutive shots. If you shoot accurately enough, you can clear a team with a full mag of 5 bullets. However, many players do not highly estimate this weapon due to its low firing rate. But keep in mind that MGL140 is a grenade launcher which makes explosions to kill enemies. So, you don’t need a high rate of fire in this weapon.

Mgl140 Is A Powerful Grenade Launcher
MGL140 Is A Powerful Grenade Launcher

6. M79

M79 causes the same damage as MGL140. However, this grenade launcher is less preferred than MGL149 due to its lower magazine capacity, firing rate, and reload speed. Each mag can hold only one grenade. So, it takes more time to reload and you cannot make consecutive shots. That's why Free Fire players prefer MGL140 over this weapon in Free Fire. But you can use it as an alternative heavy weapon in case you cannot find an MGL140.

M79 As The Second Weapon
You Can Use M79 As The Second Weapon In Free Fire

7. M1873

Shotguns always produce the greatest damage. That’s why the last four weapons in this list are in this category. The first shotgun is M1873 which produces great damage of 94. You should use this Free Fire secret weapon as a secondary weapon during the match for close-quarter combat. Then, equip a flexible assault rifle, such as the Dragunov to deal with medium and long-range engagements.

8. M1014

The next powerful weapon in Free Fire is M1014. This shotgun also produces huge damage of 94. Its effective range is pretty the same as that of the M18/3. This weapon is most powerful in close-range engagements. You can make one kill with one to two accurate shots with this shotgun. But keep in mind that you should grab a strong assault rifle or sniper rifle for medium or long-range engagements. It's because you cannot use shotguns to kill enemies with distance.

The Best Weapon Skin For M1014
The Best Weapon Skin For M1014

9. SPAS12

SPAS12 is one of the most powerful weapons in Free Fire which produces giant damage of 97. It has a wider effective range than the two previous shotguns. Moreover, SPAS12 is pretty popular in this game, making it a favorite weapon of many pro players. But like other shotguns, players have to master this weapon to make one kill per shot or you may bet your life.

Spas12 Is A Favorite Weapon In Free Fire
SPAS12 is a favorite weapon in Free Fire

10. Top Free Fire Secret Weapon: M1887

In terms of damage, the M1887 must be the most powerful weapon. With the largest damage of 100, you can definitely knock down or kill an enemy right away with an accurate shot. This weapon also has the largest effective range in comparison with other shotguns in this list. Moreover, it's also the king of shotguns with a huge armor penetration rate of 54.

M1887 Produces The Hugest Damage In Free Fire
M1887 produces the hugest damage in Free Fire

These are the list of 10 weapons with the highest damage in Free Fire. Do you find your Free Fire secret weapon to get Booyah? To update the latest Free Frie game news as well as more updates of Free Fire upcoming weapon royale, visit our website.