Free Fire has introduced several events with a lot of attractive rewards, including the Stereo Blaster Bundle. This is an excellent chance to get this stunning costume set for free. Check out how to get this bundle for free here.

How To Get Free Fire Stereo Blaster Bundle For Free

Garena Free Fire is giving away the Stereo Blaster Bundle at the Music Festival event. It lasts from January 8th to 18th, 2021. You need to complete many event missions to collect Trumpet tokens. It's pretty easy to complete those missions and get rewards.

Stereo Blaster Bundle
There's a chance to get Stereo Blaster Bundle at the Music Festival event for free now.

For example, you can get a token when logging in to the game. Then, enter the classic match and kill enemies to get further tokens. Free Fire players can check out the event details, missions, and claim rewards in the calendar. Besides, you can check out the required number of tokens to redeem Stereo Blaster Bundle for free in the Musicfest Exchange section.

You Need To Collect Trumpet Tokens
You Need To Collect 30 Trumpet Tokens And A Party Hat Token To Redeem This Legendary Bundle

The grand reward bundle costs you 30 Trumpet tokens and a Party Hat token. Besides, you can redeem many other rewards. For example, a Weapon Royale Voucher costs 10 tokens and you can redeem three vouchers. Or else, a Futuristic Weapon crate costs five tokes. This crate includes the rare Futuristic SCAR skin.

How To Collect Trumpet Tokens
Complete Daily Event Missions To Collect Trumpet Tokens From Jan 8th to 18th, 2021.

To get the party hat, you need to log into the game on the peak day of this event, Jan 16th, 2021. Set the notification to log in and get the required token on that day. Don't miss this great chance to get this legendary bundle for free. After the event, you may have to use a lot of diamonds to unlock this stunning costume set.