Surviving to be the only man standing in the classic survival mode in Free Fire is not an easy task at all. Beginners and even experts have to think twice before making any moves during a match. Survival in the game mostly revolves around how to gain multiple points, complete quests, or simply reach a certain location before more players land on the island. Today’s guide is to provide tricks and tips to stay alive as long as possible and get the Booyah in the Solo mode. 

Set your loadout properly

Free Fire Loadout

While creating a good setting for your loadout, it is also important to pick out a good combination of character skills and pets. The longer players survive in a match, the clearer the effects that these features will bring. Once players hit the spawn lobby, it’s better to practice a little with an equipped weapon skin before getting on the plane to start the match.

Land quicker on the battlefield

Land Quicker In The Battlefield

This is a very important move that can help you take control right from the beginning of the match. If you manage to land before many other ones do, you will have a precious amount of time to arm yourself with weapons and ammo, therefore take down the unarmed enemies, including ones that are still parachuting. In order to be the first ones to land, these are the most useful ways:

  • Have the “Auto-parachute” turned on
  • Equip yourself with Falco the pet

Pick up the pace 

Pick Up The Pace

When you finally hit the ground, scan the area for loots immediately. If what you find there is not enough to keep you alive, or you are surrounded by too many enemies, then it’s time to head to another location. Since players always try to equip themselves with the most advanced gears, it’s better to equip yourself with a reserve plan. 

Have a look all around while looting

Have A Look All Around While Looting

It’s safer for your head if you loot and watch out for enemies at the same time. Moreover, whenever you enter an area, that action can trigger other players, so you better find somewhere to hide before making any moves to avoid being shot. 

Get your defenses straight

Get Your Defenses Straight

Taking down enemies with bullets is nice, but with no defense? That’s not cool at all, especially when it comes to surviving. In this case, melee weapons can prevent your exposed back from bullets from behind, and also, both Gloo Walls and Decoy Grenades can promote their defensive ability if equipped in the front.

Don’t linger around unsafe areas for too long

Dont Stay Put For Too Long Where Its Unsafe

Outside the safe zone, inside the danger zones, large fields, rivers, and crowds are the number one not-to-be places on the map. Right when you know where the next safe zone lies, it’s highly recommended that you choose another safe place to go to. And also, remember not to let your guard down, camping shooters can get you at any time.