Garena Free Fire has done a great job introducing new and exciting content consistently to keep survivors coming back for more. Every two months or so, the game developers whipped out a big patch, bringing changes, items, characters, and more. But before they hit the live server, all must pass the test on the Advance Server. The same thing applies to the new OB26 update! Here's our guide to Free Fire Advance Server Login, and how to join the Free Fire OB25 Advance Server!

What is Free Fire Advance Server

No matter how well a game is developed, flaws are inevitable. That's a solid fact in the gaming world. The developers can not get their hands on all of the in-game bugs, glitches, or programming issues that may occur. However, they can safely remove the majority of those with a test run on a separate server first. And that is exactly the route Garena is taking with their Battle Royale game.

The consistent stream of content updates has become a signature of Garena Free Fire. But it also poses a great threat to the game itself. Without the proper control of possible malfunctions, a single update patch could send the whole system down the drain. The failure to tackle bugs and security breaches can also harm Free Fire's credibility and profitability.

Free Fire Bunny Cover
Test our new content on the Advance Server

It raises the need for a Test Server, which in the case of Free Fire, is called the Advance Server. Before releasing a major update, Garena always opens the server for survivors around the globe to have a peek first. On the Free Fire Advance Server live, you stand a chance to win up to 3000 Diamonds for reporting potential bugs.

Things to Note about Free Fire Advance Server

Here are a few things you should take away about the Advance Server:

  • Garena allows players to test out new content on the Advance Server.
  • Survivors must register to get a Garena Free Fire Advanced Server login pass.
  • The server often stays open for 7 days. All data will be deleted when the server closes down.
  • Garena will reward players with Diamonds for reporting existing bugs on the server.

Free Fire Advance Server Login Guide

To log in to the Free Fire Advance Server, players must first register an account. This account will also be used to download the APK file from the website. As for the OB26 update, you can only register an account via Facebook. In other words, Free Fire Advance Server login Google is not an option. We will go into more details with the OB26 Advance Server with a complete guide below.

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Be the first to join OB26 Advance Server

Free Fire OB26 Advance Server Registration and Login

While we're still celebrating the first collaboration of Free Fire and One Punch Man, Garena throws us yet another Advance Server. They sure know how to keep players occupied. If you want to reserve a slot and try out the new content of the OB26 update, here's what you need to do.

Ob26 Advance Server Register
Fill out the required information to join the server

How to Register for the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server

Three simple steps to register for Free Fire Advance

  • #1 Visit the official Advance Server website
  • #2 Login to the server using your Facebook account
  • #3 Fill in all the details (Name, e-mail, and phone number), and click “Join Now”
Ob26 Advance Server Apk
You can download the APK file on January 21st

How to Download Free Fire OB26 Advance Server APK 

  • #1 Visit the official Advance Server website
  • #2 Use Free Fire Advance Server Login Facebook you registered to join
  • #3 Click on “Download APK”
  • #4 Install the APK (Enable installing from unknown sources)
  • #5 Open the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server client and log in with the same Facebook account you use to register. 

Things to Note about Free Fire OB26 Advance Server

  • The APK download for OB26 Advance Server will start tomorrow, January 21st.
  • Garena has not announced the Server Timeline
  • The Free Fire Advance Server is a standalone application, players do not have to delete the original game
  • Report existing bugs and glitches in the Advance Server to receive Diamonds from the developers. The player who reports the most bugs will be rewarded 3000 Diamonds to the main account.
  • The Free Fire OB26 Advance Server is only available for Android devices. iOS users can not install the APK file.
  • Remember your registered account for Free Fire Advanced Server login 2021.
Ob26 Advance Server Bug Report
Ob26 Advance Server Bug Report Rewards

That's everything you need to know as of now about Free Fire Advance Server Login. If you wish to be among those who first test out the new content of the OB26 update, then do not waste any time! The APK file will be available for download tomorrow, and the server may come online soon afterward. For more guides, tips, and tricks regarding the world of gaming, visit our website at