Garena Free Fire needs no introduction to the world. The Battle Royale sensation has established itself as one of the most prestigious on the market, becoming 2020's most downloaded mobile game. What not to love about Free Fire? It features fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, a wide selection of characters, cosmetic items, and various in-game events. However, to really indulge in the true spirit of Garena Free Fire, you will need Diamonds. And speaking of Diamonds, no place offers a better deal than the Game Kharido Website.

What is Game Kharido Website

Diamonds are the premium in-game currency of Garena Free Fire. They can get you a long way in this game, but they're also costly. Survivors must top-up their Diamond stash with actual cash, which makes it a luxury for the majority. That's why we always advise players to take any promotion program to get a better deal.

Free Fire Diamond
You will enjoy Garena Free Fire more with Diamonds

There are two primary ways to top-up Diamonds for Garena Free Fire. One, you use the default in-game store and purchase Diamonds via Google Play Credit. And the other is paying a visit to top-up websites. Games Kharido falls to the latter category, offering a deal no one could turn down.

Things You Need to Know About Games Kharido

Games Kharido is currently the most popular Free Fire top-up website, and there are good reasons for that. If you're not familiar with the site just yet, here are a few key things to note about the Game Kharido website Free Fire.

Free Fire Top 5 Bundles
Garena developed Games Kharido for the Indian market

Games Kharido's Developer

The brain standing Games Kharido is none other than Garena itself. Yes, Garena developed this top-up website to meet the rising demand for Indian gamers. Currently, the site only provides services for Free Fire, with more games coming in the future.

100% Top-up Bonus

This is what sets Games Kharido apart from other websites in the business. For first-time users of the service only, Garena offers a 100% top-up on their first purchase. This applies to all Diamond denominations if you buy via Paytm. That means no matter the number of Diamonds you decide to top-up, you're guaranteed to get double the investment. Plus, players do not have to take extra steps to activate the bonus. Games Kharido will automatically add the bonus Diamonds in your first purchase.

Games Kharido Website Bonus
Games Kharido's Top-up Bonus

Games Website Link Https

There is one and only one official website of Games Kharido. You can find it at the following link: Remember the legit website has '.in', not '.com'. Any website with a different domain is fake, and you should steer clear of them. Game website does not exist!

Free Fire Bunny Cover
There is only one official Games Kharido website, others are all fake

How to Top-up Free Fire Diamonds with Games Kharido 

Do not sleep on the chance to get double your investment with Games Kharido's 100% bonus on the first purchase. Here are the 6 easy steps to top-up Diamonds from the website:

  • #1 Go to Games Kharido's official website using the link provided above
  • #2 Choose the Garena Free Fire icon on the screen
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 1
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up steps 1-3
  • #3 Log into your Free Fire account you want to top-up Diamonds for using in-game ID or Facebook 
  • #4 Pick your preferred payment method. Currently, Games Kharido supports Net Banking, UPI, and Paytm
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 2
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up steps 4-6
  • #5 Choose the number of Diamonds you want
  • #6 Make the payment, then wait for a few moments. Your Diamonds will be credited directly to your account. 

Diamond Prices on Games Kharido

Basically, Games Kharido offers Diamonds at the same price point as the in-game store. However, it's the 100% first-time top-up bonus that counts. If you have not made the first purchase yet, we highly recommend snatching the deal on Games Kharido. Here are the prices of Diamonds for your reference.

  • 50 + 50 Diamonds - INR 40
  • 100 + 100 Diamonds - INR 80
  • 310 + 310 Diamonds - INR 240
  • 520 + 520 Diamonds - INR 400
  • 1060 + 1060 Diamonds - INR 800
  • 2180 + 2180 Diamonds - INR 1600
  • 5600 + 5600 Diamonds - INR 4000

Note: The 100% first-time top-up bonus only applies to first-time users paying via Paytm.

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Games Kharido offers Diamonds at the same price point as the in-game store

That wraps up our complete guide on the Game Kharido Website. As we have stated before, there are various other websites that function in the same way as Games Kharido, but rarely any rival the popularity it has. The site offers a 100% first-time top-up bonus you just can not find anywhere. So, if you happen to have some extra money just laying around, why not top-up Diamonds and buy yourself a bundle in Free Fire? For more information, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at