Not all weapons are created equal in Free Fire - each and every single one of them has various perks and quirks that need to be deal with when using. While some weapons are super accurate, with bullets always hit the target, there are others that just don't. In this list, we would list out the top 5 least accurate weapons that tend to miss by themselves, even if you are aiming at the right target.

Melee weapons and shotguns are not going to be in this list, as shotguns shoot out a hail of bullets, with most of them automatically miss the target, while melee weapons do not shoot a projectile.

5 - AK and Thompson

Free Fire New Gun Thompson

At 41 and 42 Accuracy, these two guns are pretty bad at hitting the target after the first few bullets. While the AK has the damage and the range to compensate for its high recoil and low accuracy, being an assault rifle, the Thompson does not. Despite the drawback, many people still like to use the AK just because of its extremely high damage and good headshot modifier.

4 - P90 and UMP

P 90

These two SMGs overcome their lack of accuracy with sheer fire rate - you can just spray until the bullets hit. Their Accuracy stats are 37 and 36 respectively. It is best to use these guns in close quarters, with red dot scope if possible.

3 - AUG

Ezgif Com Gif Maker72

Being a new gun, it is a surprise that the AUG is somewhat underpowered compared to the existing guns in Free Fire. Its accuracy is 35, a complete failure for an assault rifle that's supposed to be claiming heads. At least the gun is pretty stable when you aim down the scope.

2 - MP40


The MP40 is the extreme version of P90 and UMP, as it has even lower accuracy and faster fire rate. This makes the MP40 a super good weapon in melee range, of course, as accuracy does not matter much in that situation.

1 - M500 and M1873


It is not a surprise that these sidearms are much worse in stats than normal weapons, as they are pretty much designed to be weak. You can definitely still use them in close combat, of course, but don't expect to hit anything at long range - they both have 10 Accuracy.

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