Free Fire offers players a set of melee weapons to engage in melee fights. Although these weapons are often underestimated because it will definitely lose in the fight with guns. However, you can use it to take down the enemies when both of you have just landed and not got any guns. Here are the four best melee weapons to make highlights in this game.

Top 4 Best Melee Weapons In Free Fire

These best melee weapons are easiest to use and cause the greatest damage to enemies. Almost all these melee weapons have the same effective range of 5 meters around you.

This is the traditional weapon of Japan.
  • Katana: It's a traditional weapon of Japan. This is the best melee weapon in Free Fire with the greatest damage of 66. Moreover, it has great accuracy and popularity. It's also durable and powerful.
Parang, or Machete, has great accuracy and duration.
  • Machete: This ultimate sword has the same damage of 66 as Katana. It's also called Parang by some players. This weapon also has high accuracy and movement speed. You can hold it and run at the normal speed like when you run without a weapon.
Bat has a high accuracy rate, letting you knock down the enemy quickly.
  • Bat: This is a popular and favorite melee weapon of baseball fans. It has a high damage point of 63, a little bit lower than Katana and Machete. It also has a high accuracy rate, letting you knock down the enemy quickly with two hits. Moreover, its duration is better than previous weapons.
Free Fire Pan
Pan is a popular and useful melee weapon in this game with a lot of skins.
  • Pan: It's a popular and useful melee weapon in this game. It has a lower damage point than other melee weapons. However, it's more useful because the pan can be used as a shield on your back. When you have a pan on your back, it will prevent some bullets from the enemy. Therefore, a lot of players use it as armor.