Garena's next few elite passes have been leaked - as they release them every month, usually, at least 2 seasons would be made in advance.  This is the reason why we already get news about the February pass at the start of December.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the Free Fire season 33 Elite pass: 'Legends of Fuji'.

1 - Release Date of Season 33 Elite Pass

The February pass 'Legends of Fuji' would hit the server on Feb 1 - similar to all previous elite passes before it. Usually, the pre-order for the pass would start 2 days before release - players can buy it for a modest sum of 1200 diamonds. People who pre-order the pass would get exclusive rewards.

Passe De Elite Fevereiro 2021 Free Fire Lendas De

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2 - Season 33 Elite Pass Theme

This season's theme is going to be Japanese once again - looks like Garena is not done beating this particular dead horse. This time, the two sets are not based on warriors, ninjas or samurais - it is probably after some kind of traders or merchants. The two sets are in various bright colors, with the most striking being golden and black.

Passe De Elite Fevereiro 2021 Skins

The female set would be unlocked at 50 badges while you would need 225 for the male one.

Above are highlights items for this pass:

Itens Do Passe De Elite Fevereiro 2021

  • The Legends of Fuji Sports Car skin can be unlocked right away after just 15 badges. It looks fairly good, with black and gold decorations, along with an illustration of a frog on its body.
  • The Legends of Fuji Lootbox can be unlocked after 200 badges. It is a Japanese themed cache, with two swords strapped at the middle.
  • The Legends of Fuji Surfboard can be unlocked after 150 badges - it is the Japanese fish lantern.
  • The Legends of Fuji Pan can be unlocked right away after purchasing the pass.
  • The Legends of Fuji USP can be unlocked after 80 badges.

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