Free Fire is a highly competitive battle royale game published by Garena in 2017 for Android and iOS. The game has huge tournaments around the year for the best players in the world to compete and get millions of dollars as prize money.

 Free Fire Tournament App
Free Fire is a highly competitive battle royale game on mobile

But apart from those big tournaments, there are small tournaments that are held by Free Fire tournament apps with a decent prize for all players to join and win real money. You will find many Free Fire tournaments with free entry every day in Free Fire tournament apps to join and compete.

The best Free Fire tournament app currently in India is Mobile Premier League, an online esports platform for mobile games.

1. Best Free Fire Tournament App - Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League is an online esports platform based in India. It was released in 2018 and is currently having more than 25 million players.

The app has a host of mobile games of all kinds, including Free Fire. MPL is one of the best Free Fire tournament apps for you to get real money if you are good at the game. To earn real money, you will have to compete against other online players on the platform and win.

Free Fire Tournament App
Mobile Premier League is the best Free Fire tournament app for you to earn real money

There is a total of 3 main types of formats in MPL.

  • Tournaments: There are tons of tournaments on the platform every day for you to join and compete for the prize pool. You will get the prize money if your final standing is high.
  • 1 VS 1 Battle: It is very simple, you challenge another player on the platform in a 1VS1 battle and get money if you win.
  • Fantasy sports: You can create your own fantasy sports teams out of real sports players. The performance of your team will be based on the real-life performance of the real players

As for Free Fire, you will be playing tournaments on the platform to earn money. Just find a tournament on the app that still has an available slot and register. Free tournaments will have lower stakes while if you pay a little fee, the prize pool will be higher.

You can transfer the money you earned to your bank account, PayTM Wallet, UPI.

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2. How to download and install Mobile Premier League

In order to download the Mobile premier League App, you need to go to their official website. Enter your mobile phone number in and click the 'Get SMS with download link' button. This is the only way to download MPL because it is not available on Google Play Store. Beware of fake MPL apps if you find one on Google Play Store.

 Free Fire Tournament App
You can get the download link from the official website of Mobile Premier League

When you receive the SMS with the download link, follow the link to download and install the app on your phone.

You can also find MPL on third-party stores such as APKure or Aptoide to download and install.

3. How to join Free Fire tournaments on Mobile Premier League

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in India at the moment so you will be able to find Free Fire tournaments pretty every day on the platform.

To join a Free Fire tournament on MPL you need to have both Free Fire and MPL installed on your phone first.

Open MPL and go to the All Games tab. You will find Free Fire there. Tap on it and the app will show you the current tournaments that are happening. If a tournament is full, you won't be able to join. Some tournaments will ask you to pay a fee in order to join.

Free Fire Tournament App
You can see the list of Free Fire tournaments that you can join and compete

If you want to join a tournament, tap on it and enter your Free Fire ID in. You will receive information about the tournament 10 minutes before it starts including Room ID and password. Go to Free Fire custom room to join the tournament using the given Room ID and password. The match will start automatically when the time comes.

 Free Fire Tournament App
You need to enter your Free Fire ID in order to get information about the room of the tournament

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