In addition to having fun with the family, we often spend some time with ourselves to play the game and enjoy the disengaged moments of the holiday. On the occasion of the holiday season, Game Dev Typcoon has a 50% discount to help people enjoy the holidays more fully.

Develop your game company from a small office in the 80s...

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game about the video game industry itself. You will return to the 80s with early computers and develop your own video game business from scratch. As your studio grows, you can research technology and create new games to attract more customers. Offer the best-selling games to become a market leader and get fans from all over the world.

...into a fully-fledged studio with talented studios

Construction work is not simply about designing and naming the company. Players must select artists, software developers, programmers to develop and maintain their released games. Moreover, you have to train them so they can guarantee your games are still functioning well and being developed. After the game has completed the construction and development process, it will be released and you will have to wait for the evaluation to arrive.

Parameters to manage and check the development of the company

Over time, players can grow from a small-scale company into a larger, more extensive and more complex business. You can upgrade from ancient computers to more modern ones. From there, you can create more engaging and challenging games. You must always manage your employees well to make sure that your games are of the highest quality.

Laboratories research and experiment with secret projects

You can expand your company more with excellent research labs and create more conditions for employees to be able to work well and make new plans and projects. In these labs, you can make and complete secret projects.

It carries many challenges in business as in reality. Game Dev Tycoon is not like other simulation games. It cannot be fully introduced, and the player must experience it to see the unexpected.

Currently, Game Dev Tycoon is on sales for 50% of the original price - equivalent to USD 1.99 (Rs 140) on the App Store.