A lot of players have got Ganyu in Genshin Impact 3.0. She can play well in many teams as the main DPS or sub-DPS. Here are the top five Ganyu teams for free-to-play or pay-to-win players in this game.

#1. Reverse Melt

In this team, Ganyu will trigger reverse melt elemental reactions with her elemental burst to deal insane damage to enemies. Ganyu must team up with Xiangling and Bennett to trigger the Melt reactions.

In the last position of this team, you can choose Zhongli, Kazuha, or Jean based on your favorite effects and available characters.

  • Zhongli can create a solid shield for the whole team;
  • Kazuha and Jean can expand the application range of Pyro and Cryo elements on the battlefield.

In addition, all three options for the last position can reduce the elemental resistance of enemies.

Ganyu And Xiangling
Ganyu and Xiangling

#2. Frozen Team

Frozen Team is the most popular and traditional team of Ganyu. You have more options for this team. But Ganyu must be the main DPS character in this team. Then, choose a Cryo sub-DPS and a Hydro supporter.

  • Cryo sub-DPS: Diona or Rosaria;
  • Hydro supporters: Mona or Kokomi.

The last member can be Zhongli, Jean, or Kazuha. If you need a shield creator and healer, Diona is the ideal choice. But Rosaria is better if you focus on the Crit damage.

Genshin Zhongli Ganyu Kokomi
Frozen team of Ganyu

#3. Bloom Team

The Bloom team is built based on the new Dendro element in this game. Therefore, you need a Dendro character and a Hydro character in this team. Here are some highly recommended members of this team.

  • Hydro character: Kokomi;
  • Dendro character: Dendro Traveler;
  • Anemo supporter: Kazuha or Venti or Sucrose.

Unlike previous teams, Ganyu does not play as the main DPS in this team. Instead, she will be an off-field Cryo supporter to team up with Kokomi and freeze enemies and let other characters trigger the Bloom reaction.

Ganyu Aether
Ganyu and Aether

#4. Ayaka Team

Ganyu can also play as a sub-DPS for Ayaka's team. This is one of the best Ganyu teams with Ayaka as the main DPS. When Ganyu and Ayaka combine their elemental bursts, they can clear a wide range of enemies in a few seconds.

The two other members need to support them in applying Hydro elements and expanding the elemental application, such as:

  • Off-field Hydro supporter: Yelan, Mona, or Kokomi;
  • Anemo supporter: Kazuha, Jean, Venti, or Sucrose.

You can also replace the Anemo supporter with the Geo Archon Zhongli to keep on-field DPS safe.

Cryo Resonance Team
Cryo resonance team

#5. F2P Ganyu Team

If you are a F2P beginner in Genshin Impact, it's hard to get Ayaka, Zhongli, Kokomi, Venti, etc. to build the four previous teams. You can use three 4-star characters, including Diona, Xiangling, and Sucrose to support Ganyu.

Though they are not the best of their families, they can apply the necessary element for essential reactions and effects. Moreover, they are free to use.

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