Genshin Impact Cyno will arrive in Teyvat in the next version. Here are the top 5 characters you should use in his team in Update 3.1. They are the best teammates for Cyno before other characters are released in later updates.

#1. Dendro Traveler

Dendro Traveler is the strongest Dendro supporter for Electro DPS in Genshin Impact now. It's very easy to get a Dendro Traveler. You only need to go to Sumeru, unlock any Statue of Seven in this nation, and interact with it.

Both the elemental skill and burst of Dendro Travelers can trigger the Aggravate reaction with Cyno's elemental attacks. In the current update, Dendro Traveler is also the easiest Dendro character to use. And Cyno will be the next DPS for Dendro Traveler's teams.

Lumine Genshin
You should interact with the Sumeru Statue of Seven to get a Dendro Traveler now.

#2. Collei

Collei is another free Dendro character in Genshin Impact 3.0. Though she is a free character, Collei can play well as an off-field Dendro supporter in Cyno's team. Moreover, you don't need to spend any Primogem to get this 4-star character while Tighnari may cost you thousands of Primo.

Moreover, it's easy to build Collei and collect necessary talent level-up materials. Give her proper equipment to make Collei a useful supporter. Your Cyno's team can have more than one Dendro supporter to trigger more Dendro reactions.

Collei Genshin
It's very simple to get and build Collei in Genshin Impact 3.0.

#3. Fischl

The Electro Resonance also deals insane damage to enemies apart from new reactions with Dendro. If you have a strong off-field Dendro supporter with a long effective time of Dendro application, you can use Fischl to trigger the Aggravate reaction before releasing Genshin Impact Cyno.

With continuous Aggravate reactions, Cyno's team is really devastating all over Teyvat. Switch between these two Electro characters with a Dendro Traveler or Collei in the team for unlimited reactions.

Fischl Genshin
The supporting role of Fischl is very essential to give Cyno a cheap but useful buff.

#4. Sucrose

Sucrose is one of the most favorite Anemo supporters in Genshin Impact thanks to her elemental skill and burst. These attacks of Sucrose increase the elemental application to more enemies in a wider area on the battlefield.

Additionally, Sucrose also has an excellent crowd-control ability which is very useful when encountering a group of enemies. It's more essential when you explore Sumeru where small mushroom monsters often spawn in groups.

Sucrose Genshin
Sucrose will help Cyno gather bosses to optimize his power.

#5. Zhongli

If you need a strong defensive sub-DPS in Cyno's team, Zhongli is the best choice now. His shield is nearly unbreakable now. It ensures that your Cyno can stay on the battlefield and deal unlimited damage to enemies without worrying about enemies' attacks.

Besides, Zhongli is one of the easiest 5-star characters to achieve with several rerun banners until now. It's also easy to collect materials and build the Geo archon now.

Zhongli Genshin
Veterans in Genshin Impact has got a lot of chance to get Zhongli in recent updates.

When more Dendro characters like Yao Yao, Nahida, and Baizhu are released, you will have more options to team up with Genshin Impact Cyno.

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