Free Fire is soaring in popularity recently and is aiming further than just one of the biggest mobile games. To be more specific, this free-to-play battle royale is the most-downloaded mobile game of 2019, and Free Fire is going to steal the crown of the best battle royale game on your smartphone sooner or later.

In order to pursue that ambition, Garena has taken the cinematic route, introducing a short movie to announce its new character - Jota. The movie is called 'Jota Vs Dewi Dangdut', featuring the action stars that have taken part in Fast and Furious  - Joe Taslim as the role of Jota!

Garena Free Fire Action Film Jota Joe Taslim 1
Joe Taslim - the action star of Fast & Furious 6 - plays the main character - Jota

The movie features what you usually do in the game like parachuting and looting, but it's intensified with stylish actions, which might give you some inspiration to pick it out. It's a completely new take on promoting a character in the battle royale game, which will surely make the game standing out.

Have a look with Gurugamer at the movie down here. It only takes you 7 minutes, so don't hesitate!

Free Fire 'Jota' movie features Fast and Furious actor

Garena has released a 7-minute long movie directed by Timo Tjahjanto to celebrate the release of Free Fire's new character - Jota. The movie features Joe Taslim - the action star of Star Trek Beyond and Fast & Furious 6 in battle royale action, and it's hella stylish! Even though the dialogues are in Indonesian, you can turn on English caption to understand what they're saying.

The movies tell the story of a match of Free Fire, in which Jota receives his mission to investigate Bermuda, and he first parachutes down from the airplane to get to the area. From there, the fights between him and a random guy blow out, and even though Jota has fought hard with his Judo skills, he still got defeated by another player nicknamed 'Dewi Dangdut'.

Garena Free Fire Action Film Jota Joe Taslim 5
The first fight screen of Jota feels like a Hollywood action movie!

It's an in-game experience, so of course, the death brought Jota back to the plane for another try. Holding his anger, Jota now goes for the Squad mode to hunt down Dewi Dangdut. Together with him is a player using the character Laura - which makes Jota's player thinks that it's a girl, but turns out, it's not!

Screenshot 5
The actress for Laura is also very beautiful!

The movie is filled with hilarious moments as Jota keeps getting eliminated again and again, and we must give Joe Taslim credits on making it both funny and cool at the same time. He is the former member of the Indonesian Judo team, and will be the actor of Mortal Kombat movie adaptation coming in the near future. On the other hand, Taslim and Tjahjanto (the actor for Dewi Dangdut) has worked together in the Netflix movie The Night Comes For Us.

Garena Free Fire Action Film Jota Joe Taslim 3
It's very remarkable that Garena invited the talented actor Joe Taslim for their promotional video

About Jota in Free Fire

In Garena Free Fire, Jota's identity is a spy in the disguise of a movie stuntman. He has a special ability to heal up to 40HP for each time he eliminates a foe with a shotgun or an SMG, alongside with other outstanding parkour abilities as well. This makes him one of the scariest early raiding characters in the game at the moment.

Garena Free Fire Action Film Jota Joe Taslim 2
Jota looks very similar to Joe Taslim, right?

Jota is available in the game globally at the time of writing. If you feel interested after seeing the short movie, you can easily download and play Free Fire for free on iOS and Android. And don't forget to keep track of our update and guides for the game in our Free Fire section, so that you can keep up with the old players the fastest.

Since it's the time for social distancing, why don't you give it a try?