If you want to find some suggestions for a cool and impressive Free Fire dog name India, here’s what you need. Check out the guidelines and some suggestions here before naming your Free Fire's dog pets with Gurugamer.com. It would be great to bring a loyal dog pet with you to the battleground and get Booyah together. But before that, you should give your pet a stylish name that is cool and impressive in your own way.

There are two dogs in the Free Fire game, a real dog Shiba and a robot dog Mechanical Pup. Both two pets are dogs but they have different skills, actions, and skins. Here are things you need to know Free Fire's dog pets and how to create the best dog name in Free Fire.

Free Fire Dog Name India For Mechanical Pup

Mechanical Pup is a robot dog in Free Fire who came to this game in the OB19 update in April 2019. Free Fire players can buy this pet on the Free Fire store with 200 diamonds. This robot dog has several actions that can be unlocked when you upgrade the pet. After buying the Mechanical Pup, you will have a free turn of changing its name.

Free Fire Dog Name
Free Fire pet Mechanical Pup is available for purchase in Free Fire store

The default name of this pet is, of course, Mechanical Pup. You can think of a Free Fire dog stylish name to call your pet. This robot dog looks very cool, like a warrior or tank. So, you can name it as Silver Armor, the Flash, the Tank, etc. For those who are fans of Marvel, the players can name their pup as Thor, Captain Pet, or Iron Dog. Or else, you can call it Alien, Scoop, Rob, Robot Pup, etc.

Free Fire Pet Mechanical Pup
Free Fire Pet Mechanical Pup Has Several Actions Which You Can Open By Upgrade Your Pet

The Mechanical Pup has some actions, including Casual, Celebrate, Scared, and Play. Moreover, this pup has four jet machines on its feet, making it looks cool and unique. Besides, it has two skins: Mechanical Pup and Lightning Pup at level 7. However, like Free Fire Kitty pet, this robot pup does not have any special skills.

To create a new Free Fire dog name India for Mechanical Pup, you type the new name in the box of Name Change. The first change is free. For the next change, you have to pay 200 diamonds. Therefore, you should think about the name carefully before typing the Free Fire pet dog name and click OK.

You can read more about other Free Fire pets and instructions on how to name them on our website.

Free Fire Dog Name India For Shiba

Besides the cool and impressive Mechanical Pup, Shiba is another dog pet that a lot of players prefer. It is a cute and dynamic dog pet with a special skill of marking the mushroom on the map. Besides, the mark will last 30 seconds. At level one, Shiba can mark the mushroom every 180 seconds. The cooldown time reduces by 30 seconds once your pet reaches level 6 and 7. It means that at level 6, Shiba can show you the location of the surrounding mushroom every 150 seconds and every 120 seconds at level 7.

Shibe Free Fire Dog Name
Shiba is one of the most lovely and favorite pets in Free Fire

Shiba also has several actions, including Casual, Celebrate, Show Off, and Play. You can unlock these emotes by upgrading the pet. Shiba is the default name of this pet. After buying the pet from the Free Fire store with 450 diamonds, you can change its name.

Free Fire Shiba Skins
Free Fire Shiba Pet Has Several Beautiful And Fancy Skins To Equip

Here are some suggestions for the best Free Fire dog name India: Coco, Cooper, Rocky, Pie, etc. Or else, you can name your dog pet after your favorite foods, such as Butter, Choco, Bean, Broccoli, Lemon, etc. If you are fans of cartoons, you may like some cartoon characters’ names, such as Aleu, Balto, Buster, Doki, Snoopy, or Snow.

Free Fire Pet Shiba Skill
Free Fire Pet Shiba has a special skill of marking the mushroom on the map

To create a Free Fire dog stylish name for your pet which contains special characters out of the Latin alphabet, you can go to Nickfinder.com. Open another tab on your phone but don’t close your game totally. Type the name of your pet and see the suggestions the tool gives you. Choose the best dog name in Free Fire that catches your eyes and copy. Turn back to the game and paste the chosen name in the name box.

Free Fire Pet Shiba
The pet will show its action of celebrating when you use the mushroom to heal your HP

In addition, players can upgrade Free Fire pet Shiba and all other pets by feeding them with pet foods. The pet food is also available for purchase in Free Fire Store. As you upgrade the pet, the skill of your dog also increases. Moreover, it can show more actions in the game.

Those are things you should know about dog pets and Free Fire dog name India. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.