As Garena is investing more in Free Fire in India, especially esports, the game has a really good potential to become bigger here. With it, Free Fire teams will have more chances to be noticed by sponsors.

The Free Fire India Championship 2020 League Stage just ended a few days ago with the victory of team Nawabzaade. Team Nawabzaade has once again proved that they are still the worthy champion of the Free Fire India Today 2019. With this achievement, team Nawabzaade was noticed by Entity Gaming for their talent. Just yesterday, Entity Gaming announced in a post on their Facebook fan page that the team will be now a part of their organization.

Entity Gaming announces on their Facebook that they have signed with team Nawabzaade

This Free Fire roster of Entity Gaming will include Radhe Bhai, VRC-1000, Radhe Thakor, GJ Jigar and Ashwathama. While Entity Gaming also worked with TSM, this Free Fire roster will only play for Entity Gaming because TSM only cooperates with Entity Gaming in PUBG Mobile.

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TSM partners with Entity Gaming for PUBG Mobile and not Free Fire

This is a big step for team Nawabzaade, Entity Gaming, and the Free Fire community in India. Entity Gaming was the first major sponsors ever in India to invest in a Free Fire team. More big sponsors will be following the step of Entity Gaming to pick up more Free Fire teams and give them a solid foundation so Free Fire esports in India can grow better.

While Free Fire isn't as strong as PUBG Mobile in India, the game is actually very popular around the world with an insane amount of daily players and multimillion dollars tournaments with millions of viewers. With the right strategy here in India, Garena can totally make Free Fire more popular and rival PUBG Mobile.

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