Garena Free Fire has established itself as one of the biggest games on the mobile platform. The Battle Royale phenomenon's insane popularity surge can be credited to the regular updates, bringing all sorts of changes to the game. And this time, in the OB25 patch, we have a brand new game mode coming.

Cosmic Rider Game Mode
The new game made will go online on December 13th

The OB25 or Operation Chrono update went online out on 7th December, introducing various new features and changes. However, some of the content is yet to be released. One of the much-awaited releases after the update is the Cosmic Racer game mode. According to the official announcement from Garena, this new game mode will hit the live server on 13th December.

Let's take a closer look at everything you need to know about this new game mode.

Details about the Cosmic Racer Game Mode in Free Fire

Gameplay Style

The Cosmic Racer game mode is a duo racing mode that also serves under the Battle Royale genre. Each match will consist of 15 duo teams, spawn randomly on the map. This game mode is quite similar to the Death Racer mode. However, it will feature a futuristic vehicle and advanced weapons.

The Cosmic Racer game mode 1
The Cosmic Racer game mode will make its way into the game on 13th December

How to Play the Cosmic Racer Mode?

Follow the steps below to take part in the upcoming game mode in Free Fire:

  • Open Garena Free Fire, select the new game mode, and start the match. All players will land together on the map on a futuristic bike, named a Cosmic Craft.
Cosmic Craft vehicle in Free Fire
Cosmic Craft vehicle in Free Fire
  • One player will drive the bike while the other shoot from the back of it.
Players can switch the position in the vehicle
Players can switch the position in the vehicle
  • However, players can switch their seats on the motorbike to take turns driving or shooting.
  • The duo will share the same HP bar. When the HP bar reaches zero, your team gets eliminated.
Boost Cards in Cosmic Racer mode
Boost Cards in Cosmic Racer mode
  • There will be a total of 3 boosters in this game mode: Yellow, Red, and Green. Yellow: upgrade the vehicle, unlock cosmic boost, and cruise missiles. Red: different skills and buffs to the vehicle. Green: restore vehicle health, and the shooter gets a medkit.
  • Survive to the last to win the game.