Garena Free Fire is definitely big on cosmetics. The game houses an extended collection of skins, emotes, and more to keep players bright and happy. Most Free Fire gamers would agree that bundles are by far the most beautiful option. These include a full set of items, top to toe following a certain theme. And this time, in the BOOYAH Day patch, we welcome the appearance of the Oni Soul Seeker bundle, which is based on Japanese mythology.

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The new Diamond Royale is live

Like other past bundles, the Oni Soul Seeker bundle is exclusive to the Diamond Royale spin. It costs 60 Diamonds or 1 Diamond Royale voucher per turn, and players can purchase 11 rounds at the price of 10. Each spin will give you 1 Luck Point. And if you're unfortunate enough not to get it after 100 rounds, you can trade 100 Luck Point for the bundle immediately.

What You Need to Know About the Oni Soul Seeker in Garena Free Fire

The Oni Soul Seeker bundle is the latest addition to Free Fire's collection of exclusive Diamond Royale rewards. Since it can only be acquired from the spin alone, the bundle is quite a rare find in the game. As the previous bundles, the Oni Soul Seeker is a set of 5 cosmetic pieces:

  • #1 Oni Soulseeker (Top)
Oni Soulseeker (Top)
Oni Soulseeker (Top)
  • #2 Oni Soulseeker (Bottom)
Oni Soulseeker (Bottom)
Oni Soulseeker (Bottom)
  • #3 Oni Soulseeker (Shoes)
Oni Soulseeker (Shoes)
Oni Soulseeker (Shoes)
  • #4 Oni Soulseeker (Head)
Oni Soulseeker (Head)
Oni Soulseeker (Head)
  • #5 Oni Soulseeker (Facepaint)

Oni Soulseeker (Facepaint)

Other than the Oni Soul Seeker bundle, players will also get a variety of rewards from the Diamond Royale. Check out the full list of what you can acquire here:

  • Magic Cube
  • Magic Cube Fragment
  • Neolithic (Top)
  • Neolithic (Bottom)
  • Neolithic (Mask)
  • Neolithic (Shoes)
  • Paleolithic (Top)
  • Paleolithic (Bottom)
  • Paleolithic (Mask)
  • Paleolithic (Shoes)
  • Flame Fighter (Top)
  • Flame Fighter (Bottom)
  • Flame Fighter (Mask)
  • Flame Fighter (Shoes)
  • Lady of Flame (Top)
  • Lady of Flame (Bottom)
  • Lady of Flame (Mask)
Garena Free Fire 1
You will get plenty of other rewards from the spin
  • Lady of Flame (Shoes)
  • Combat Vest (Male)
  • Combat Pants (Male)
  • Combat Boots (Male)
  • Combat Vest (Female)
  • Combat Shorts (Female)
  • Combat Boots (Female)
  • Sneakers (Blue)
  • Sneakers (Black)
  • Sneakers (White)
  • Shorts (Camouflage)
  • Shorts (Jungle)
  • Shorts (Desert)
  • T-shirt (Dislike)
  • T-shirt (Like)
  • T-shirt (Smile)
  • Discount Coupon
  • 50% EXP Card
  • 50% Gold Card
  • Memory Fragments (28x Characters)

Test Your Luck at Diamond Royale

If you fancy all the above-mentioned cosmetic items and consumables, then wait no longer and head right to the spin. Remember each turn at the wheel of fortune takes you 60 Diamonds, and 11 turns only cost 600 Diamonds. So, we always recommend going for the economical option should you want to try. Follow the steps below to start spinning:

Free Fire Comprehensive Guide En 19
Remember to top up your Diamond stash first!
  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire, click the "Luck Royale" tab on the left side of the main lobby.
  • Step 2: Choose the "Diamond Royale" option.
  • Step 3: Spin and receive your rewards.