The developers of Garena Free Fire are working hard to not only dish out constant content updates but also to enhance your gaming experience with their anti-cheat system. This ensures a fair and transparent environment for players to perform their best!

There are players who exploit illicit tools and applications to grind to the top of the rank ladder. Free Fire adopts a zero-tolerance policy against any form of cheating or hacking. Once a player is caught using third-party party programs to alter the game's state, they will be permanently banned from the game.

Hack Ban Free Fire 3
We've found you, hackers!

And to make sure that all are aware of the potential punishment for cheating, Garena often issues a ban notice. The game publisher shares its side of the story, cracking down hackers and cheaters on their social media handles. Yesterday, the company released a notice on their Facebook account, stating the number of cheaters in the last two weeks.

Free Fire hacks: Anti-cheat system bans 1,255,033 accounts in two weeks

In the last couple of weeks, the game publisher has banned 12,55,033 accounts. Out of all the suspended accounts, 45% were reported by common players. That means the anti-cheat system accounts for 55% of the detection.

Hack Ban Free Fire 4
Free Fire has banned over 1.2 million accounts over the last 2 weeks

The snippet below shows the precise analysis of the reasons for the ban.

Hack Ban Free Fire 2
Check out these ban reasons
  • 42% Auto Aim
  • 40% Teleport
  • 11% Through Wall
  • 5% Others
  • 2% Antenna
Hack Ban Free Fire 1
Teaming up with hackers can also get you banned

Apart from this, Garena also punishes 42,488 accounts for intentionally teaming up with cheaters.