If you're a gamer yourself, you may have to face the irritating challenge of coming up with a name for your account. No matter what the title is, Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact,... this problem still remains the same. And when you consider the current scale of the Free Fire, having a cool IGN is even more important. If you don't know how to make one just yet, then read on to our guide on Free Fire name style maker 2020.

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You need to employ help from other apps and websites to create a unique nickname

Every Free Fire player wants to have the coolest in-game nickname they can get their hands on. Let's be honest, no one likes a boring old name for their account. So, if you happen to own one, it's time for a change! Follow our article right here and you shall know how to incorporate the most stylish elements into your IGN using the Free Fire name style creator!

What Makes a Stylish IGN in Free Fire?

We're in late 2020 right now, and there are standards that a nickname must achieve to be considered "stylish". First, the actual name (the text) itself has to be cool. Things like "Player1234" or "Free Fire master" won't cut it. You need something punchy, easy to remember, but straightforward. "Phantom" or "Knight" may do the job.

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Pick yourself a stylish name first

Then comes the second factor - the font. It has to be unique, but not too complex, otherwise, it'll be hard to read. The last thing is that you need to have special characters or symbols. Adding cool symbols and emojis to nicknames is the current trend. If you IGN have all of the three elements above, then congratulations, you have yourself a stylish name in 2020.

How to Create a Stylish Nickname in Free Fire?

In order to create a so-called "stylish" nickname for Garena Free Fire, you may want to employ help from outside sources. Namely, the Free Fire name style maker app. Why? It's because your normal keyboard, both on your PC or phones, can not naturally add cool fonts, emojis, or symbols. But with the intervention of outside apps or websites, you can tackle this task with ease!

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Check out these amazing apps!

Which is the Best Free Fire Name Style Maker?

There are literally hundreds of mobile applications and websites floating the Internet that could do the job. They provide a simple solution to all of your IGN problems. But, in our opinion, some just do it way better than others.  They're well designed, easy to use, and FREE. Check out our top picks for Free Fire name style makers right here!

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Check out these stylish name apps

#1 Fancy Text - Cool fonts, Nickname generator

First, we have Fancy Text on the list. It offers all the tools you need to craft an attractive IGN. From stylish symbols and to creative elements, this mobile app has it all. If you want to make a unique Free Fire name, definitely check this application out!

 Fancy Text app
Fancy Text - Cool fonts, Nickname Generator

#2 Cool Text: Symbols, Letters, Emojis, Nicknames

Cool Text is a mobile application that generates cool names with special symbols, emojis, and fonts. What may convince you to commit to this Free Fire name style maker app download is the wide selection of memes and ASCII emojis.

Cool Text app
Cool Text: Symbols, Letters, Emojis, Nicknames

#3 Free Fire Name Style Maker Online

In case you don't want to download and install mobile applications to your device, there's another way to go. Just open your phone's browsers and head to the following websites:

  • Nickfinder: This website packs all the fonts and symbols you need for making a stylish Free Fire nickname. Plus, it also offers a gigantic collection of ready-made names for you to use.
Give Nickfinder a try!
  • FancyTextTool: The process here is super straightforward: enter a name you like, and just wait as the AI does all the work for you.
  • LingoJam: It basically functions in the same way as Nickfinder. However, you do have access to the ready-made name section.
LingoJam will shorten your name making process

How to Change Your Name in Garena Free Fire?

Once you have picked out the perfect IGN, applying to your account will just be a stress-free process. It is indeed easy, but unfortunately, costly. One change will set you back 390 Diamonds! Follow these steps to change your Free Fire's IGN:

  • #1: Open Free Fire, then head to the profile section via the banner on the top-left corner.
  • #2: Press the yellow name change option.
  • #3: A dialog box will appear.
  • #4: Enter your name of choice in the text field and pay up!

That is the end of our guide on the Free Fire name style maker. Remember, it's OK to go all-out to create the most perfect nickname for your account. After all, it will cost you 390 Diamonds to change! For more guides, tips, and tricks on Free Fire, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.