Garena Free Fire is currently the most played Battle Royale game on the mobile platform. It has crossed 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone and 100 million daily active users worldwide. Fans come to Free Fire for many reasons, one of them is definitely the wide selection of weapons. Some love their guns so much that they even download Free Fire gun sound to their phones and listen on a daily basis.

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Garena Free Fire offers a wide range of weapons for you to choose from

You may ask the question: "What's up with downloading all those gun sound MP3 files?". Actually, there are a lot of things that you can do with them. Listening to gunshots to satisfy your craving for a Battle Royale match is one way to look at it. Then, you can set them as ringtones, or incorporate them into videos and such. Hence, the Free Fire gun sound download files have a plethora of usages waiting to be discovered.

Garena Free Fire Gun Classes

Before we jump into where to find the Free Fire gun sound, let's take a look at the game's weapon arsenal. There is a total of 46 different weapons in Garena Free Fire. Minus 5 melees and one crossbow, that leaves us with exactly 40 firearms. They are divided into 7 different classes. Details are as follows:

Free Fire Gun Sound Arctic
There are currently 40 guns in Free Fire
  • Pistols: Treatment gun, M500, M1873, USP, G18, Dessert Eagle, Hand-cannon
  • Shotguns: SPAS-12, M1014, M1887
  • Sub-machine guns: CG15, P90, MP40, UMP, MP5, VSS, THOMPSON
  • Assault Rifles: AN94, XM8, M60, SVD, FAMAS, M4A1, AK, SKS, Groza, M14, SCAR, Heatgun, AUG, PARAFAL, Woodpecker
  • Sniper Rifles: Kar98k, AWM, M82B
  • Light Machine Guns: Gatling, M249
  • Launchers: RGS50, MGL140, M79

Now, why do we need to know the different types of guns in Free Fire? It's because each class has a very distinct sound effect that separates them from others. You may not have to see the gun to tell which one it is, just based on the sound alone. For example, bolt action sniper rifle, like the AWM, has a very powerful and loud effect that indicates its single-shot mechanism. On the other hand, assault rifles are not as loud, but much faster in speed.

That is just the characteristics of each class. We can further distinguish the firearms in the game via their sound effects since each, yet once more, is different from others. Their fire rate, builds, and ammunition types are different, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sound.

Where to Find Free Fire Gun Fire Sound Effect Free Download MP3?

There are a plethora of weapons in Garena Free Fire, which is a known fact. Hence, you could expect to find an even broader collection of sound effects on the Internet. However, it is not really the case here. We can only bag a few sound files of commonly used guns in the game. Others may be exclusive to the developers, or you have to buy them from sound-selling websites. With that being said, check out these gunfire sounds from Free Fire!

Free Fire AWM Gun Sound Download

The AWM is perhaps the most adored piece of a firearm in the game. This sniper rifle packs quite a punch, and you can tell that clearly from listening to its soundtrack.

Free Fire Gun Sound Awm
The AWM is the best SR in the game

Free Fire AK Gun Sound

The AK is the iconic assault rifle that appears in almost every real-life inspired shooting game if not all of them. Listen to the powerful sound of this legendary rifle.

Free Fire Gun Sound Ak Draco
The AK owns the best Evo-skin in Free Fire by far

Free Fire MP40 Gun Sound Download

Up until now, the MP40 Carbine is the fastest SMG in Garena Free Fire and also the fastest gun in the entire game. Holding a basic magazine of 20 rounds, the MP40 literally spits out all the bullets in a matter of seconds. It is so satisfying to hear its sound.

Free Fire Gun Sound Mp40 Stats
Listen to that insane fire rate!

Other Guns and Sound Effects

Above are just three of the most popular and by far, the best Free Fire gun sounds you can find for free on the Internet. But if you are interested in those not so "authentic" sounds, there are multiple websites that provide sound effects for common users. Fesliyanstudios offers some "mean" sound files for guns that you may want to check out.

Other honorable mentions include Epidemic Sound and Storyblocks. However, these are two paid platforms, which means you have to pay a monthly fee to subscribe and use their services. Yet, the sound quality is far better and the selection is vast.

Groza Free Fire 5
Love guns? Then you may just as well fall in love with Free Fire

That is the end of our guide on Free Fire gun sound download in November 2020. If you're a fan of Garena Free Fire, or you just love guns in general, definitely give them a go! Download the sound effects and set them as your ringtones, or use them in your videos for a vibrant touch. And remember, stay tuned to our website at for more!

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