Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world. The game recorded more than 100 million players a day in October 2020 and win the title 'Esports Mobile Game of the Year'.

The game has exhilarating gameplay with 50 players fighting each other on an abandoned island until there is only 1 person left. Garena also brings new updates to Free Fire frequently to keep the game fresh and exciting for players.

 Free Fire Ringtone 2020
Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world

Apart from in-game content such as new guns, characters, and emotes, Garena also really invests in other aspects of Free Fire such as collaborations and cool music videos as well.

These songs are great options for Free Fire ringtone 2020 and many players love them. For some others, they prefer to use the gun sound in Free Fire as their ringtone because they sound more badass.

However, Free Fire doesn't really provide players a way to download these sounds and you will have to find it for yourself. Here, we have gathered all the best Free Fire Ringtone 2020 in one place so you can download them for free.

How To Download Free Fire Ringtone 2020

While Free Fire doesn't let you download their songs as well as their gun sound, you will have to get it on your own. But the method is very easy since all their music videos are on their YouTube channel.

YouTube doesn't let people download music from their videos but there is a way to go around that very easily, by using Y2mate. Y2mate is a website/app that allows you to download any video or audio file from YouTube to your computer/phone.


Below is this list of all music videos that were ever produced by Free Fire. You can just paste their link into the Y2mate website and choose to download their mp3 file to set them as your ringtone.

For more detail about how to use Y2mate to download YouTube video/music, check this article: Y2mate Game Download For Android And PC - Download YouTube Audio And Video For Free

Alok - Vale Vale

This music video was released to celebrate the collaboration between Free Fire and DJ Alok. The collaboration has given us the Alok character and he is still the best character to have in Free Fire so far.

Just Share It | Beach Party

This music video was made for the Beach Party event in Free Fire, a summer-themed event where Free Fire gave all players a free Falcon pet just by logging in.

Jeet by RITVIZ

This music video was released by Free Fire to celebrate the Diwali festival 2020. They also released a series of events for players to get free rewards in the game.

ETERNAL LOVE | Vengeance

This music video introduces players to the two characters Due and Sori in an alternate Free Fire universe for the first time. They also introduced the Master Destroyer bundles and the Master Destroyer surfboard for the Vengeance event.

KSHMR - One More Round

This music video is to celebrate the collaboration between Free Fire and the American DJ KSHMR. They introduced the new character K (Captian Booyah) in this collaboration.

I'm on Fire - T.R.A.P.

This was the first rap song that Free Fire ever created. The music video was created by 4 Free Fire character, Moco, Kelly, Miguel, Antonio. They introduced the 4 T.R.A.P skins in this event.


This music video was released to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire. During the series of events fo the 3rd anniversary, Free Fire gave all players a free character of their choice along with many other rewards.

Time for Action

The 'Time For Action' video is the latest music video of Free Fire. It continues the story of Dua and Sori from the Vengeance event. It was also to celebrate the Free Fire Continential Series 2020, which is the biggest Free Fire tournament of 2020.

Free Fire Gun Sound

Gun sound is also a great option as the ringtone for your phone. To download Free Fire gun sound for free, you can check out this article: Where To Find Free Fire Gun Sound MP3 In November 2020?