Garena Free Fire is currently the most famous battle royale game in the world. There are many factors that contribute to the title's massive success worldwide. One of them is definitely the gigantic collection of weapons, ready at your disposal. Players have access to all genres of firearms in Free Fire: ARs, DMRs, shotguns, pistols, snipers,... it has them all.

Groza Free Fire 4
The Groza is truly a powerhouse in Free Fire

However, there are still some clear favorites when it comes to weapons in Free Fire. Most players prefer the assault rifles thanks to their great damage output, fire rate, and versatility. And dominating the curve is none other than the powerful Groza. Let's check out the location of this rifle in Garena Free Fire.

Groza Location in Garena Free Fire

The Groza is one of the best assault rifles in the game. It dishes out significant damage per hit and is second to none in terms of fire rate in the AR class. The weapon can perform well in both mid-range and long-range combats. It also excels at close to mid-range fights, courtesy of its top-notch accuracy.

Groza Free Fire 6
Free Fire Groza stats

Players can put their hands on the Groza assault rifle from airdrops, bounty tokens, and resupply maps. The gun isn't available as regular loot in buildings and such. The only mode where you can find the Groza without airdrop and in open loot is the Rush Hour Match. It is one of the most brutal modes to play in Free Fire. Players equip the best weapon in the Rush Hour and start bagging kills for themselves.

Groza Free Fire 3
It's only available in airdrops, bounty tokens, and resupply maps

Another way to acquire the Groza, in case you're unable to loot an airdrop, is to take down whoever owns one. Eliminate them, then prize the gun from their hands to reap havoc all over the match!