Yesterday, on the official YouTube channel of Garena Free Fire, the publisher released a brand new teaser for the Remastered Bermuda Map. The new update is likely to hit the live server on August 23rd - Free Fire's Birthday. Some may say that it’s just a part of the 3rd-anniversary chain of events. However, consider Garena’s tradition in making hints and leaks, we could be expecting three possibly new characters.

The first character appears between 00:07 - 00:10 seconds of the teaser, alongside several horsemen of the apocalypse. He possesses a cool look though: a scarlet outfit accompanied by a gray trench coat, plus a cybernetic eye and arm. He reminds us of the Marvel’s character Cable in some senses. 

free fire new character 1
A Cable-looking character is coming?

The other two possible new characters that complete the trio can be seen between 00: 16-00: 21 seconds of the video next to Antonio and Moco. To the right of Moco, there is a black man with a flat-top haircut, wearing an elegant bluish suit dotted with gold accents, and dark glasses. Beside him stands a female character who has very similar clothes. From their appearance, we may guess that they come as a team. 

free fire new character 2
New skins or new characters?

Though these hinted possible new characters have several features that aren’t like anything we have seen before in the game. For example, a character owning a cybernetic arm and eye - except for Hatayo, yet we don’t think the outfit really suits his style. Yet, there’s any certainty here. We may get new skins, new characters, or even both. Who knows what is Garena planning for the next update?

free fire new character moco
We may have to wait until August 23rd to find out the answer

So far, we have leaked information on the next character to come to Free Fire - SWAT Agent Jai. But he doesn’t seem to fit the vibe of the recent Remastered Bermuda teaser. Perhaps they are new skins in the Elite Pass or the Diamond Royale only, or perhaps they are indeed new characters. What do you guys think? Share your comments down below!